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Nike x Tom Sachs – NIKECraft Collection | Available Now

The http://nike.com/” target=”_blank”>NIKECraft Collection we http://freshnessmag.com/2012/05/10/nike-x-tom-sachs-nikecraft-collection/” target=”_blank”>previewed earlier in the month is now available at select Nike retailers, including Berlin’s http://firmamentberlin.com/brands/nike_sportswear.html” target=”_blank”>Firmament. Inspired by the athletic journey every astronaut takes to get them ready for space, these designs are a joint collaboration between NIke – who brings … READ MORE


Tom Sachs – “SPACE PROGRAM: MARS” | Exhibition Recap

http://tomsachs.org/” target=”_blank”>Tom Sachs’ http://tomsachsmars.com/” target=”_blank”>”Space Program: Mars” exhibition at the Park Avenue Armory bills itself as an “immersive space odyssey with an installation of dynamic and meticulously crafted sculptures.” Sachs and his thirteen-member crew — outfitted in pieces from the http://freshnessmag.com/2012/05/10/nike-x-tom-sachs-nikecraft-collection/” target=”_blank”>NIKECraft collection — will stage regular … READ MORE


Nike x Tom Sachs NIKECraft Collection Launch | Event Recap

Yesterday saw the opening of artist http://tomsachs.org/” target=”_blank”>Tom Sachs’ “Space Program: MARS” exhibition at the http://armoryonpark.org/” target=”_blank”>Park Avenue Armory in New York. Space travel has long been a prominent theme in Sachs’ oeuvre, and this show is the latest expression of that obsession, transforming the 55,000 square foot … READ MORE


Tom Sachs x Nike x Cole Haan – Mission Control Shoes

Only on a few rare occasions in the past has http://nike.com” target=”_blank”>Nike attempted a collaboration with multiple parties and http://tomsachs.com” target=”_blank”>Tom Sachs’ http://tomsachsmars.com/index.html” target=”_blank”>SPACE MISSION: MARS was just such. Staffers at the exhibition, currently ongoing in New York City, received a pairs of special http://colehaan.com” target=”_blank”>Cole Haan … READ MORE


Nike x Tom Sachs – NIKECraft Collection

He’s not just an artist. A better way to describe http://tomsachs.com ” target=”_blank”>Tom Sachs is that he’s a “envisionist”. From what he sees as “could have” possibilities, Sachs devises artworks of unimaginable scales and scope, like his depiction of http://nasa.gov” target=”_blank”>NASA’s space program to Mars, in his … READ MORE


Tom Sachs x Casio G-Shock – Limited Edition Collection

Almost indestructible,http://g-shock.com”> Casio G-Shock is definitely well equipped to go places, and has definitely made its way from the sea to the mountains, the streets, and now, the art world. As a part of contemporary New York artist http://tomsachs.org/”>Tom Sachs’ mobile “Trunk Show” at http://colette.fr”>colette, the artist … READ MORE


Tom Sachs x KRINK Marker Set & Stand | Behind The Scene Look

The Internet was abuzz with activities this morning when contemporary artist http://tomsachs.com” target=”_blank”>Tom Sachs and famed graffiti artist http://krink.com” target=”_blank”>KRINK (http://krink.com” target=”_blank”>Craig Costello) announced the KRINK Tom Sachs Special Edition Marker Set. For any artist, the instruments or tools are extensions of more than just their arms, … READ MORE


Tom Sachs x KRINK Marker Set & Stand

Perhaps there is no definitive answer to the question, “what is art?”. However, that hasn’t stop artist http://tomsachs.com” target=”_blank”>Tom Sachs from seeking a solution. In his newest installation, a marker set with graffiti artist http://krink.com” target=”_blank”>Craig Costello, or better known by his tag http://krink.com” target=”_blank”>KRINK, self formulated … READ MORE


Tom Sachs: Stolen Bikes. An Ethical Discussion + Demonstration | Event Recap

This past Friday, artist Tom Sachs rallied New York City to address the problem of bike theft in the city with http://freshnessmag.com/2009/11/18/tom-sachs-stolen-bikes-an-ethical-discussion-demonstration/”>Stolen Bikes. An Ethical Discussion & Demonstration. Other than http://tomsachs.com/biography”>Tom Sachs, the symposium is also led with the help of Sach’s friend and collaborator, filmmaker Casey … READ MORE


Tom Sachs: Stolen Bikes. An Ethical Discussion + Demonstration

Those who have passed by Lever House in New York City would have seen a Sanrio zoo of large white cartoon sculptures including the Crying Hello Kitty, which is one of most well-known recent piece by sculptor, http://tomsachs.com/biography”>Tom Sachs. Other than a love for making elaborate recreations … READ MORE