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Nike+ SportWatch GPS By TomTom | Available Now

So much in demand that Nike and TomTom were somewhat caught off guard by the fervor from running enthusiasts. In the matter of a few hours, NikeStore.com sold out its entire supply of Nike+ SportWatch GPS. This afternoon, the online store announced it just re-stack its inventory. … READ MORE


TomTom x Nike – Nike+ SportWatch GPS

No longer just for the gadget-centric brands of the world, the ongoing 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show, better known as CES, is now a platform for other to unveil new lifestyle applications from all industry. And one to debut at the start of this year’s trade show … READ MORE


Yoda On TomTom GPS Navigation Device – Behind The Scene | Video

After a near death run-in with Darth Vader at the previous recording session, the sound engineers at TomTom are back. This time with a less mercurial Star Wars figure, Jedi Master Yoda. Despite less temperamental than the Sith Lord, the session was anything but ordinary as Yoda’s … READ MORE


Homer Simpson On TomTom GPS Navigation Device

It is Monday morning and chances are your drive to work/school this morning was hellish.  To add insult to injury, you ended late to that all important meeting/exam.  Why not relieve some those pent up frustration next time with dim-witted father of 3 – Homer Simpson from … READ MORE