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Toyota Tundra – Ultimate Fishing Edition | By Britt Myers & CS Motorsports

What can you do when an ordinary pick-up truck just doesn’t cut it for hardcore fishing expeditions? Custom build your own Toyota Tundra Ultimate Fishing Edition. That is exactly what Bassmaster Elite Series pro angler Britt Myers did. Not only is this vehicle equipped with the best … READ MORE


Toyota Sequoia – DragQuoia Concept

“DragQuoia” is a fitting portmanteau for this Toyota Sequoia on steroids, created by the automaker for the SEMA trade show. Packing a 650-horsepower TRD supercharged V8 with nitrous, the vehicle has been stripped of 1,600 pounds of “non-essential” weight, resulting in a nine- to ten-second quarter mile. … READ MORE



With the popularity of the Toyota 86, known as Scion FR-S in the USA, one can only imagine that aftermarket tuners are working overtime to prepare parts and kits for the sports coupe. WALD INTERNATIONAL is one of the first companies to unveil upgrades for the aforementioned … READ MORE


Toyota TRD GT86 Special Edition

Toyota has made their re-entry into the sports car category with a bang, as the GT86 is gaining popularity internationally. It is safe to assume that most of its owners will not keep the vehicle stock standard, giving room for tuning houses to their part. TRD, an … READ MORE


Toyota Prius Tuned | By WALD INTERNATIONAL

In some ways, the hybrid and electric cars have been excluded from the car-modifying scene, primarily due to the lack of potential for performance and aesthetic modifications. However, WALD INTERNATIONAL in Japan have done what many have claimed was impossible by dramatically improving the image of the … READ MORE


Citizen x Toyota 86 Collaboration Watch

The Toyota AE86 is a legendary Japanese performance car from the 80s, and it still attracts attention from enthusiasts from all over the world. Unfortunately, the 30-year-old classic car is becoming very hard to find due to its old age. Toyota unveiled a newer version of the … READ MORE

toyota - twin charged gt86 - by gazoo racing - 1

Toyota – Twin Charged GT86 | By Gazoo Racing

Ever since Toyota announced that the GT86 was here to stay, speed addicts worldwide have been waiting for the Japanese car maker to build a charged version of its new sportscar. Too impatient to wait, Gazoo Racing decided to build one on its own using a 2.0-liter … READ MORE


Toyota TS030 HYBRID New LMP1 Race Car For 2012 Le Mans 24 Hours

Such is the circle of fortune. Just days after Peugeot‘s announcement of its exit from the Le Mans racing circuit, citing the racing program’ financial constraints as the cause, Toyota made a public statement today about the company’s entry to this year’s Le Mans 24 Hours. To … READ MORE


Toyota – 2000GT SEV

From 1967 to 1970, Toyota only produced 351 2000GT sports cars, which were quickly seen as a very curvaceous alternative to the speed coming out of the United States and Europe. Well, we can now make that 352 with the launch of the Toyota 2000GT SEV electric concept car … READ MORE


Toyota Prius GT300 To Join Super GT Racing Series

Like those with the DTM racing series, where the best of German auto engineering pit against one another, the Super GT is where the majority of Japanese auto makers get to test out their latest and greatest. Categorized in two classes, the GT500, where you will see … READ MORE


Toyota – Fun-Vii Concept

While the paparazzi will surely be snapping up photos of the Toyota GT 86 at the Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota has few other tricks up their sleeves in terms of concept vehicles. Slated as “smartphone on wheels”, this new Fun-Vii Concept is unlike any other vehicle on … READ MORE