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Toyota – G Sports Series

Toyota is going to be offering a new series of custom G Sport Series upgrades for five vehicles that will improve them aesthetically. Although only two models out of five vehicles will receive this treatment in US market. Prius was given the green light equipped aggressive body … READ MORE


Toyota FT-86 Concept Car

For any serious Japanese performance car enthusiasts, Toyota AE86 is known as legendary sports car from the 80s. Even after 20 years, it is still very much loved and Toyota is trying to bring back that excitement back into Toyota. The result is the AE86 Corolla inspired … READ MORE


Greedy Genius x Toyota

ErLwaDq0ylU We mentioned right before about collaborations from our friends at Greedy Genius, this is one of them. A collaborative ad with automaker Toyota titled “The Assist”, it featured a young sneaker entrepreneur/designer peddling his works under the subway overpass of NYC when a gentleman debark from … READ MORE

Toyota x Greedy Genius

ErLwaDq0ylU Greedy Genius has gone from unknown to prime time in less than a year. Check out this magnificent film which not only is huge for Greedy Genius but for sneaker culture as a whole. Did Ford ever make a baseball card commercial, did McDonald’s ever put … READ MORE