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Burton – “TRON: Legacy” Raptor Boot | Available Now

These may not be the Light Cycle, but they will sure help u shred through the mountains just as speedily, in the spirit of Sam. In celebration of the new snowboarding season and also the release of the highly anticipated TRON: Legacy (set to hit theaters on … READ MORE


TRON: Legacy – Official Trailer 3 | Video

As if the TRON LEGACY Trailer 1 and Trailer 2 haven’t set audiences on their toes, Disney knew exactly what we needed and furthers into releasing the third official trailer for the upcoming TRON LEGACY movie. Building more anticipation than ever, the mysterious world that gaming programmer Kevin … READ MORE



As we saunter towards the end of 2010, the last blockbuster of the year, TRON: Legacy will be hitting theaters just in time for the Holidays too. Since Comic-Con, TRON: Legacy has been releasing images and teasers of related collaborations and products created for the upcoming film. … READ MORE


Daft Punk x TRON: Legacy x MEDICOM TOY | Preview

It is clear to see that Daft Punk belongs in the world of TRON. Not only have they taken part in creating the soundtrack for TRON: Legacy “The Game Has Changed” and the recently publicized “Derezzed” , the disguised electro twosome are also in the works to … READ MORE


Daft Punk x TRON: Legacy – Derezzed Remix | Video

As we step into November, a month prior to the release of this Holiday’s most highly anticipated sequel (and the longest one yet!), Tron: Legacy, Disney revs up its marketing and has been releasing tracks to the movie’s OST, created by electro DJ duo, Daft Punk. Following … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 10/18/2010 – 10/23/2010

Three times a year, Apple wows its fans with fresh releases, secure old loyalties, and rope in new converts. This year, following announcements of the iPhone 4 and the new generations of the iPod, Apple goes back to Mac this week and introduced the new OSX Lion, … READ MORE


Disney x Marvel – Tron Variants Marvel Superheroes

Disney‘s purchase of Marvel Entertainment in the summer of last year at 4 billion dollars, may or may not have surprised you, but rest assured Disney has great plans for the historic comic book name. On that note, nothing is going to stop Disney’s great marketing plans … READ MORE


TRON x Oakley – Limited Edition 3D Gascan Eyewear

Though studios and directors pushed the creative boundaries of film with 3D presentation format, much of the products to come out from consumer end of the spectrum have fell short. That was till now as performance eyewear maker Oakley announced a new initiative in the market of … READ MORE


Daft Punk x TRON Legacy OST – The Game Has Changed

For a movie about a digital universe in for the kill, it is only appropriate that the soundtrack to one of 2010’s most highly anticipated movies, TRON Legacy, was created by psychedelic-electro DJ duo, Daft Punk. While the TRON Legacy OST has been available for your online … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 10/04/2010 – 10/08/2010

This seems to be a week of controversy and debate, be it something political like the saga of the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Liu Xiaobo, or something related to design like the new Gap logo. However, opinions and arguments aside, we have unearthed interesting things this week … READ MORE


TRON: Legacy Limited Edition Bike Suit

You may not be battling your way through a nondescript dimension to superheroic triumph, but you can ride like you are indeed Sam Flynn and Quorra. Well, even if you don’t have a motorcycle license (nor a motorcycle), you can still blaze around dressed like one. These … READ MORE