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Odd Future x VANS Syndicate Old Skool Pro “S” – Summer 2014 “Golf Wang” Pack

Unveiled yesterday by https://twitter.com/fucktyler” target=”_blank”>Tyler, The Creator himself, here is another look at the upcoming http://freshnessmag.com/2014/07/01/odd-future-x-vans-syndicate-golf-wang-summer-2014-release-info/” target=”_blank”>Odd Future x VANS Syndicate Old Skool Pro “S” – “Golf Wang” Pack for Summer 2014. The second installment to the ongoing collaboration between hip-hop collective http://oddfuture.com” target=”_blank”>Odd Future and skate lifestyle label http://vans.com” … READ MORE


Odd Future x VANS Syndicate “Golf Wang” – Summer 2014 | Release Info

For the moment, look beyond the greenish snot/phlegm on the shoe… Part absurdity and part humor, http://oddfuture.com” target=”_blank”>Odd Future’s front man https://twitter.com/fucktyler” target=”_blank”>Tyler, The Creator, announced the second installment to their collaboration with http://vans.com/syndicate.html” target=”_blank”>VANS Syndicate. Part of Odd Future’s http://golfwang.com” target=”_blank”>Golf Wang clothing label, the new … READ MORE

Golf Wang - Spring Summer 2014 Collection Lookbook 00

Golf Wang – Spring/Summer 2014 Collection Lookbook

Welcome to the Spring/Summer season envisioned by the http://oddfuture.com/”>Odd Future crew. Frankly, they do not seem to care too much about seasonal changes or trends, as their designs are in a league of their own. Graphics are made up of cats, variety of food, and bright colors … READ MORE


ODD FUTURE x VANS Syndicate Old Skool Pro “S”

Already famous for their “Off The Wall” personalities, no wonder Tyler, The Creator, https://twitter.com/earlxsweat” target=”_blank”>Earl Sweatshirt, https://twitter.com/frank_ocean” target=”_blank”>Frank Ocean, and the rest of the http://oddfuture.com” target=”_blank”>ODD FUTURE gang hit it off instantly when they finally met the folks behind http://vans.com” target=”_blank”>VANS. From both groups’ mutual admiration for … READ MORE


OFWGKTA x VANS Syndicate Old Skool Pro | Preview

Late last year, http://vans.com/”>VANS shuffled out a few photos of the collaboration sneakers they have been working on with http://oddfuture.com/”>Odd Future’s leading man, http://freshnessmag.com/tag/tyler-the-creator/”>Tyler the Creator. Now, we have a better look at the kicks, and they are produced under the http://vanssyndicatezine.com/”>VANS Syndicate line, from which Tyler … READ MORE


Odd Future/OFWGKTA x Incase – Snap Cases for iPhone 4/4S

Cats are getting lots of love online, and there is no band in the world that endorses the feline pets more than http://oddfuture.com/”>Odd Future. These Snap Cases were created by http://goincase.com/”>Incase exclusively for the OFWGKTA Carnival, yet they are back by popular demand at the http://goincase.com/oddfuture/”>Incase online … READ MORE


VICE – Noisey Special: 24 Hours with Odd Future in NYC – Part 1 | Video

The Beatles at Shea Stadium it isn’t, but this short film documenting one calendar day of the New York invasion by http://oddfuture.com/” target=”_blank”>OFWGKTA is an entertaining look at the level of hi-jinx the crew indulges in the Big Apple. Representing Part 1 of a new video series … READ MORE


Odd Future OFWGKTA Sweatshop | Berlin

The global phenomenon that is http://oddfuture.com/”>Odd Future will be arriving in Berlin next week. After opening thehttp://freshnessmag.com/tag/ofwgkta/”> OFWGKTA Sweatshops in key locations around the world, including Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, and London, the cult streetwear brand will be stationed at http://firmamentberlin.com”>Firmement on a temporary basis. The … READ MORE


Odd Future OFWGKTA Pop Up Store: New York City – Opening Recap | Video

“I make stupid shirts and people like it. So I’m grateful…” Certainly not the best quote for marketing purpose. Then again, http://oddfuture.com” target=”_blank”>Odd Future isn’t your typical band either. In conjunction with ongoing tour, OFWGKTA opened the http://oddfuture.com” target=”_blank”>Odd Future “Sweatshop” Pop-Up Store at http://thereedspace.com” target=”_blank”>Reed Annex … READ MORE


GQ – Tyler The Creator x Glenn O’Brien Talk About Supreme

Interview by: Caroline McCloskey Photo by: Robert Maxwell This might be the oddest couple to be on the pages of http://gq.com/style/wear-it-now/201204/tyler-the-creator-glenn-obrien-supreme-clothes-gq-style-bible-april-2012-photos#ixzz1pZcG85dL” target=”_blank”>GQ Magazine thus far. One is a polymath who mingled with Andy Warhol and coined the term “Editor-at-Large”. The other a masterful prankster with lyrics, rhymes, … READ MORE

Odd Future Visits BAPE London

Fresh Celeb: Odd Future Visits BAPE Pirate Store London

Witness the hip-hop group of the moment in repose: While in London for their show at the Electric Ballroom, http://oddfuture.com/en/” target=”_blank”>Odd Future reserved some time for a shopping trip at the http://us.bape.com/” target=”_blank”>BAPE Pirate Store on Brick Lane. Though reigning hip-hop provocateurs whose controversial lyrics have been … READ MORE