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UNDRCRWN - Giant Killah T-Shirt

UNDRCRWN – Giant Killah T-Shirt

After a huge win on Sunday over the New York Giants, the Philadelphia Eagles are flying high to say the least and will face the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC Championship Game next week. To celebrate the occasion for all of you Philadelphia fans, UNDRCRWN will be … READ MORE

UNDRCRWN – Holiday 2008 Collection

UNDRCRWN has released their Holiday 2008 Collection that is as impressive as ever and to coincide with the release of the collection, the guys over at UNDRCRWN put together this video featuring Roscoe the Chicken and introducing Freezy the Snowman which also  showcases some of the pieces … READ MORE

adidas x UNDRCRWN 08 - TS Creator + TS Commander

adidas x UNDRCRWN 08 – TS Creator + TS Commander

adidas is working with UNDRCRWN once again but will be this time on a three shoe limited edition footwear collection called adidas Team Signature Command + Create x UNDRCRWN: The Brand for Champions Series. The fusion of two distinctly iconic sports and lifestyle brands result in yet … READ MORE

UNDRCRWN - Down Goes McCain (O-KO) Tee

UNDRCRWN – Down Goes McCain (O-KO) Tee

In a day that will forever be remembered in US history, Barack Obama has become the first African-American person to become president elect and to celebrate the momentous occasion UNDRCRWN has created a new t-shirt inspired by a Muhammed Ali picture featuring the signature UNDRCRWN charicatures. The … READ MORE

UNDRCRWN - O-Face City Pack T-Shirt

UNDRCRWN – O-Face City Pack T-Shirt

The UNDRCRWN O-Face t-shirt might take the cake when it comes to the best t-shirt of the year, and now for those of you who were big fans of the first version here is a new updated version or should we say four versions that will be … READ MORE

Music Skins x UNDRCRWN - Bed Stuy + Obama Knows Collection

Music Skins x UNDRCRWN – Bed Stuy + Obama Knows

While pundits and political analysts quibble over who won the last of the U.S. Presidential debates last evening, ardent backers of Democratic nominee Barack Obama are massing their show of support during these final 20 days before the election, including a collection of accessories protectors by Music … READ MORE

UNDRCRWN x Eminem - The Way I Am T-Shirt

UNDRCRWN x Eminem – The Way I Am T-Shirt

UNDRCRWN known best for it’s basketball and early 90′s hip-hop influenced clothing has been on a streak of collaborations with hip-hop artists lately between Freeway, Beanie Sigel, and Mos Def; now the brand can add Eminem to the list of rappers it has collaborated with. UNDRCRWN has … READ MORE

UNDRCRWN - Obama Knows Tee

UNDRCRWN – Obama Knows Tee

UNDRCRWN has already made a great deal of noise with their “O-Face” (Obama Dunking Over McCain) T-Shirt that has been seen on the likes of Nas, Spike Lee, Asher Roth, and more; now they are gearing up for the release of their “Obama Knows” tee that will … READ MORE

UNDRCRWN (Under Crown) - O-Face T-Shirt

UNDRCRWN – O-Face T-Shirt

This week, momentous events are taking place in Denver, Colorado, host city of the Democratic National Convention. Already, last night saw Barack Obama, the Senator from Illinois, to become the first African American to be nominated as Presidential candidate for a major political party.  Tonight, the Senator … READ MORE