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UNIQLO UNIQLOOKS Online Fashion Community

Looks, we obsessed over them, but such vanities aren’t bad sometimes. With a bit of ingenuity, marketer at retailer UNIQLO formulated UNIQLOOKS, a online community centered on what else but the way we look. The guideline is very straightforward. Simply mix and match your favorite UNIQLO items … READ MORE


NARUTO x UNIQLO – UT Limited T-Shirt Collection

Unbelievably presumptuous, not to mentioned obnoxious, Naruto Uzumaki is like most teenagers… with some mythical exceptions. After its successes with Ghost in the Shell and more recently ONE PIECE, retailer UNIQLO welcomed the new year with a new manga/anime collaboration, the ever popular NARUTO. Penned by mangaka … READ MORE


UNIQLO – 2010 Flannel Collection – Heavy Line

From the fore-mentioned Crazy Line to the Heavy Line seen here, more of UNIQLO 2010 Flannel Collection is trickling into its retail locations worldwide. Constructed from a “heavier weave”, the Heavy Line gives of the impression that its insulated since the ply of flannel is more plush, … READ MORE


UNIQLO – 2010 Flannel Collection – Crazy Line

As part of its ever expanding popularity, Japaneses retail giant UNIQLO is introducing (or re-introducing) its flannel shirt collection for this year. Supple and warm, the collection for 2010 now encompass 8 different “flavors”, each carters to the various styles and tastes. There is the more traditional … READ MORE


UNIQLO – Camouflage Down Jacket

When we putted out a tip bit in our VAN 106 story before, we knew some of Freshness’ more attentive readers would catch it. However, we never expected that our email switchboard (yes, our office is both magical and antiquated) to light up like Macy’s Fourth of … READ MORE


Jil Sander x UNIQLO +J Collection – Fall/Winter 2010 | Available Now

A few seasons into Jil Sander and UNIQLO’s highly lauded collaboration, +J, (especially for Sander fans who have been awaiting the queen of minimalism’s return into the fashion world since the leaving saga with The Prada Group), Sander continues to prove that minimal and trimmed shall never … READ MORE


UNIQLO x Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex UT Limited T-Shirt Collection

Does art imitate life? Or does life imitate art? Though it wasn’t his original intention when he created the Ghost in the Shell manga/anime franchise back in 1989. However, trinkets of graphic artist Masamune Shirow’s hugely popular title have found themselves onto the real world. One example, … READ MORE


UNIQLO – Lucky Counter – The More You Tweet, The Cheaper it Gets

UNIQLO UK has found a new use for Twitter, and can we just say this is an interesting new level of creativity reached in utilizing social media for marketing. The way the Lucky Counter works is that users can participate in re-tweeting an item, and the more … READ MORE


UNIQLO x ONE PIECE – UT Limited T-Shirt Collection

The opening prompts a familiarity to that of Treasure Island, the Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic a young boy sails the vast oceans in search of a legendary treasure left behind by a pirate. But the similarities stop there when manga-ka Eiichiro Oda introduced the protagonist, Monkey D. … READ MORE


UNIQLO Taipei – Dedicated Website Opens

As reported by Freshness earlier, ahead of its Taipei flagship’s opening, its 916th store to be exact. Japan’s retail brand, UNIQLO, created a dedicated website to bolster its tenets for success, from the valued “Created In Japan” quality (careful in it’s stipulation since the clothes are made … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 6/21/2010 – 6/25/2010

This week wrapped up in sad times for the stateside, as USA will be going home after losing to Ghana in the round of 16. Ghana secured its victory in extra time, and while the USA fans held their breaths, fingers crossed and praying for a miracle … READ MORE