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Jeremy Fish – “Where Hearts Get Left” Exhibition | San Francisco

Even though he was not born there, Jeremy Fish is undoubtedly one of the most iconic artists that represents the creative city of San Francisco. Inspired by The City That Knows How, Fish is planning an upcoming exhibition entitled Where Hearts Get Left. Officially presented by his … READ MORE


Jeremy Fish x Upper Playground – SuperFishal T-Shirt Collection – Spring/Summer 2012

A collaborative effort between artist Jeremy Fish and Upper Playground is on again this year as the pair launches SuperFishal T-Shirt Collection for Spring/Summer 2012, Ready and up for grabs on Upper Playground’s online store and retail store, the collection of twelve designs by Fish, some of … READ MORE


David Choe x Upper Playground – Capsule Collection

Since the IPO of Facebook, you may be envision David Choe to take it easy and relax on a secluded beach somewhere. Well that is not exactly how Choe lives his life, the eccentric artist stays moving and the collaboration project with Upper Playground is one of … READ MORE


Estevan Oriol x Upper Playground – Spring 2012 Collection

Estevan Oriol is back again for the Spring 2012 season with a wide range of t-shirts produced by Upper Playground. Continuing on with the LA Woman series, the latest photos are retouched with graphics thrown on top of it. All of the photos are monochromatic except for … READ MORE


Jeremy Fish x Upper Playground – “Listen And Learn” iPad2 + App

Jeremy Fish and Upper Playground have partnered to bring a new meaning to interactive exhibition. Fish recently opened his latest solo exhibition Listen and Learn at Joshua Liner Gallery in New York City. Thirty paintings were created and exhibited based on stories told by Fish’s closest friends … READ MORE


Jeremy Fish – Skin and Bone Domino Set | Available Now

Domino, my brother! Tools of the Trade, the San Francisco-based company that creates classic novelty games like dice, jigsaw puzzles and playing cards, has gotten together with a fellow San Franciscan, artist and illustrator┬áJeremy Fish, on a 28-piece domino set. Fish, whose narrative-driven work routinely explores the … READ MORE


Upper Playground Presents: Tomer Hanuka “Overkill” Book

Award-winning illustrator Tomer Hanuka has compiled over 85 of his illustrations for his new book Overkill. The prolific artist uses the phrase “magical realism” to describe his dreamlike, vividly colored work, which is deeply influenced by comic books and spans numerous types of media: book jackets, magazines, … READ MORE


INSA MORE Exhibition at FIFTY24SF Gallery

INSA started out as a graffiti writer in the back streets of London and now he has broaden his audience by capturing the hearts of fans around the world. He has been in California for some time now and have completed several large scale outdoor murals in … READ MORE


Dustin Canalin for Upper Playground – August 2010 Collection

Hi “Government Names” series for Upper Playground was a success and Dustin Canalin is back for more with the second series that is inspired by the Bay Area, its sports culture and ‘yesterday, today and tomorrow’ as Canalin himself puts it. “Say Hey” design is a homage … READ MORE