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Upper Playground Pillows

Upper Playground announces a new collection of pillows for its FIFTY24SF Gallery Housewares line. The collection features new designs from Morning Breath (Brooklyn), Jeremy Fish (San Francisco), Sam Flores (San Francisco), David Choe (San Jose), Brian Flynn (San Francisco), Cody Hudson (Chicago) and Truce Design (New York). … READ MORE

Upper Playground – Sam Flores Shoe

Upper Playground in association with FIFTY24SF Gallery has just released a limited edition shoe by internationally recognized artist, Sam Flores. The design featured an all over pattern of one of Sam’s signature enigmatic figures. Sold exclusively in Taiwan, only 300 pairs are available. Please see attached for … READ MORE

Upper Playground – Holiday Shoe Preview

Here’s a preview of shoes from the Upper Playground Holiday collection. These canvas slip on shoes feature Upper Playground’s signature designs, ‘Argyle” and ‘Wood’. Also below are slip ons designed by Sam Flores featuring his signature ‘Deer’ and ‘Gorilla’ patterns. > Upper Playground

Upper Playground Artist Hats

Upper Playground in association with FIFTY24SF Gallery has just released a specialty series of hats by leading artists Jeremy Fish (San Francisco) and Denis Kennedy (Oakland), as well as our signature “Olde E” hat. These artist rendered New Era pro fitted baseball caps are limited to only … READ MORE


Upper Playground New Era Artist Caps

Upper Playground just put out three new caps, two are by leading designers Denis Kennedy and Dora Drimalas, the third is the Upper Playground Brown cap. The three caps are limited to 144 each and are sold exclusively at upperplayground.com, Fitted Hawaii and El Kartel.


FATIMA Toy Signing @ Upper Playground

Upper Playground, Sam Flores and Ningyoushi collaborate on a specialty collection for the vinyl Figure, Fatima. Fatima is the ominously beautiful female character in Sam Flores’ paintings. Fatima is available in two styles: Green with a tiger print dress and pink with a dragon print dress and … READ MORE

Upper Playground Artist Hats

Upper Playground has just released a specialty series of hats by leading fine artists and designers Dora Drimalas (San Francisco), Herbert Baglione (São Paulo), Denis Kennedy (Oakland), Morning Breath (Brooklyn), Sam Flores (San Francisco) and Jeremy Fish (San Francisco). This is a limited edition, only 144 hats … READ MORE

Upper Playground Presents the Scooter Carry On Bag

Upper Playground has collaborated with underground artist, Dave Choe in creating the Scooter Carry on Bag. The bag includes a removable strap and is available in tan vinyl. > www.upperplayground.com