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URSUS BAPE – Fall/Winter 2012 Collection Lookbook

Following the launch of http://bape.com”>A BATHING APE Fall/Winter 2012 Collection Lookbook for Men’s and Ladies’, the http://ursusbape.com”>URSUS BAPE Fall/Winter 2012 Collection Lookbook is finally uploaded online as well. As a collaborative project between http://blog.honeyee.com/nigo/”>NIGO and http://blog.honeyee.com/tnishiyama/”>Tetsu Nishiyama (founder/designer of http://wtaps.com/”>WTAPS), the collection enjoys styles that hover between … READ MORE


URSUS BAPE – Spring/Summer 2012 Collection Lookbook

Driven mostly by contemporary designs and urban mountaineering looks, http://ursusbape.com/”>URSUS BAPE was the ideal “mid-tiered” label between the streetwear-oriented http://bape.com/”>A Bathing Ape and Mr. Bathing Ape, the exclusive collection inspired by fine men’s wear. For Spring/Summer 2012, URSUS BAPE continues with a similar focus, this time more … READ MORE


Ursus Bape Full Zip Hoodie

http://bape.com/” target=”_blank”>BAPE has taken to http://twitter.com/#!/BAPEOFFICIAL/statuses/99043603871047680″ target=”_blank”>Twitter to announce the latest offering from its http://ursusbape.com/” target=”_blank”>URSUS line, a thermal lined full-zip cotton hoodie in cream with navy accents. Consistent with designer TET’s predilection for military styling, the hoodie bears a strong nautical influence, with U.S.S. printed in … READ MORE

Ursus Rain Boots Beige


It is not an understatement to say that http://bape.com”>BAPE had a profound impact on the sneaker game and their footwear design is still on point. The latest offering from http://ursusbape.com/”>URSUS Bape is the URSUS Rain Boots that are the reincarnation of the classic duck boots. Attention to … READ MORE

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Post Sale Interview with NIGO

Just earlier this month, we had reported on the majority http://freshnessmag.com/2011/02/01/breaking-news-hong-kongs-i-t-buys-90-of-a-bathing-ape-for-2-8-million/”>purchase of Nowhere Corp., a parenting company of streetwear brand http://bape.com/”>A Bathing Ape, by Hong Kong fashion giant https://ithk.com/” target=”_blank”>I.T. It sent shock-waves through different media platforms in the fashion and streetwear industry. Rumors were already circulating … READ MORE


Breaking News: Hong Kong’s I.T Buys 90% Of A Bathing Ape For $2.8 Million

As most of Asia arrives at Tuesday afternoon, Hong Kong’s fashion group https://ithk.com” target=”_blank”>I.T made a surprising announcement its purchase of NOWHERE Corp., parent company of street wear label http://bape.com” target=”_blank”>A Bathing Ape, or better known as http://bape.com” target=”_blank”>BAPE. With the purchase, priced at 230 million Japanese … READ MORE


BAPE Store Beijing – Grand Opening | Additional Photos

If you visit the trendy San Lit Tun Village pedestrian mall in Beijing this weekend, you will be quick to notice a new structure the center of attraction, the standalone mall by Hong Kong’s https://ithk.com” target=”_blank”>I.T. Group. Along with Beijing’s first ever http://comme-des-garcons.com” target=”_blank”>COMMME des GARCON flagship, … READ MORE


URSUS BAPE Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook | By Keiichi Nitta

Mindful of not to alienate http://bape.com” target=”_blank”>BAPE’s loyal followers, http://ursusbape.com” target=”_blank”>URSUS BAPE’s creative director http://blog.honeyee.com/tnishiyama” target=”_blank”>Tetsu “TET” Nishiyama, also known for his http://wtaps.com” target=”_blank”>WTAPS label, had an unenviable task – to establish the new line as a mirror image of http://bape.com” target=”_blank”>A Bathing Ape yet not to … READ MORE

URSUS BAPE new item summary

URSUS BAPE Fall/Winter 2010 Collection New Releases

Attention US-based fans of A Bathing Ape (hello?): On November 23rd, BAPE STORE NEW YORK will be releasing a collection of new items from the URSUS BAPE collection – the division of A Bathing Ape directed by Tetsuya Nishiyima of WTAPS fame. The release will include a … READ MORE


URSUS BAPE – Fall/Winter 2010 Lookbook | By Keiichi Nitta

When http://wtaps.com” target=”_blank”>WTAPS’ creative director Tetsu “TET” Nishiyama took the helm of the new start-up, URSUS BAPE, last year, he was mindful not to alienate BAPE’s loyal followers. A derivative of http://bape.com” target=”_blank”>A Bathing Ape franchise, http://ursusbape.com” target=”_blank”>URSUS BAPE pursues a focus Nishiyama was already familiar with, … READ MORE


URSUS BAPE – Official Web Site | Launch

Ahead of the launch of itslargest collection thus far, http://ursusbape.com” target=”_blank”>URSUS BAPE, the divisional label of http://bape.com” target=”_blank”>A Bathing Ape (http://bape.com” target=”_blank”>BAPE), unveiled its official web site this week. Headed by http://blog.honeyee.com/nigo/” target=”_blank”>Nigo’s long time friend and collaborator, designer Tetsu “TET” Nishiyama of http://wtaps.com” target=”_blank”>WTAPS fame, URSUS … READ MORE