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URWERK EMC Black Watch

The URWERK EMC is the first and only mechanical watch on the market with a built-in precision-testing device, enabling the wearer to obtain information on the watch’s performance and subsequently make the necessary adjustments to the finest chronometric performance. Inside is an in-house movement powered by two stacked mainspring barrels, located near … READ MORE


URWERK UR-105M “Iron Knight” and “Black Knight”

Known for their innovative mechanics and innovative designs, URWERK is a brand whose reputation easily proceeds it. The brand’s latest release, the UR-105M, which arrives in both a silver “Iron Knight,” and a “Black Knight” edition, brings together the best of the URWERK’s models, including the 210 … READ MORE


URWERK UR-210Y Black Hawk

The URWERK atelier takes the wraps off its new UR-210Y “Black Hawk,” featuring a black scratch-resistant titanium and steel case with a matching black fabric strap — a first for any URWERK timepiece. Two of the the most unique functional design elements take the form of the bold retrograde … READ MORE


C3H5N3O9 Experiment ZR012 Watch In Black Zirconium

While you may need a degree in chemistry to translate the name of this collaborative project between Urwerk and MB&F, all you need is a set of eyes to see that what these two can make together is a creative force like no other. C3H5N3O9 was created … READ MORE



One sign of a quality gentleman is the ability to always be on time. And if you want to have the utmost confidence in doing so – down to 10 microseconds – the URWERK EMC Watch should be strapped to your wrist. The EMC is the latest … READ MORE


URWERK UR-110 “Torpedo” ST & TTH

The UR-110 by Swiss watchmaker Urwerk has won acclaim — and its fair share of detractors — for its asymmetrical display, featuring a unique movement made up of a central bearing around which three satellite “torpedoes” rotate. The time can only be seen when looking at the … READ MORE



Forget Swatch. Geneva’s other fine watch maker, URWERK, challenges us to read time with a new perspective through their highly technical and futuristic watches that feature new ways to tell time. The brand’s UR-CC1 is the world’s first production watch with retrograde linear displays. In layman’s terms, … READ MORE