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Nicki Minaj Reveals “The Pinkprint” Deluxe Album Cover

Love her or hate her, like it or not, Nicki Minaj is one of the most influential and relevant female emcees of the moment. Disagree? Check her album sales, chart history, collaborations (see: Beyonce, Jay Z and Kayne, Drake, Usher), product line and the list is only … READ MORE


Reserve Channel – “ARTST TLK” With Pharrell Williams: Usher + Leah LaBelle | Video

In the latest edition of ARTST TLK by Reserve Channel, host Pharrell Williams connects with one of his good friends and entertainer extraordinaire, Usher Raymond. Some hardcore Usher fans may already be aware of his life story, yet for the rest of us who are uninitiated with … READ MORE


Mercedes-Benz CLA Commercial For Super Bowl XLVII – Extended Version | Featuring Kate Upton, Usher, and William Dafoe

Just days before, Mercedes-Benz and advertising firm Merkley + Partners reeled in countless viewers to their Super Bowl commercial teaser with the bodacious supermodel Kate Upton. Finally, the full version of that commercial is ready for public dissemination, though with a twist. In a clever “bait and … READ MORE


Kate Upton Washes 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA for Super Bowl XLVII Commercial | Video

Odd enough, Steve Cannon, CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA, specifically mentioned that their upcoming Super Bowl commercial with supermodel Kate Upton will not be “…a Carl’s Junior kind of thing…” And yet here she is in slow motion, wearing a pair Daisy Dukes and revealing tank top, along … READ MORE


Kate Upton To Star In Mercedes-Benz’s Super Bowl Commercial

The usual ad tricks of barking dogs and Star Wars theme may not be enough in the face of stiffed competition, all for the grand prize as the top Super Bowl commercial. One of the few new entries will Mercedes-Benz, who enlisted help from supermodel Kate Upton. … READ MORE


Usher – There Goes My Baby | Video

Sure, after Usher has the world bumping to “OMG” he is ready to move on to a new project, the Versus EP set to drop in August. Before Versus will be available, Usher takes a quick turn back and has just released a new video to “There … READ MORE


Fresh Celeb: Usher – Rick Owens & Dior Homme High Top Sneakers

Not just the prince of R&B at the moment and the man who stole hearts with “Confessions”, Usher knows that he will need smooth sneakers to go with those smooth glides across the stage, and for his debut performance on Australian television (on “Hey Hey It’s Saturday”), … READ MORE


Fresh Celeb: Usher – Lanvin High-Top Sneaker

Usher was spotted out and about last week in Los Angeles shopping at The Glamour Beauty Supply and Salon in West Hollywood. The singer’s whose newest single featuring will.i.am has been rising up on the charts as of late was seen wearing a White tee, a pair … READ MORE