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Fragment by United Visual Artists (UVA)

Founded back in 2003, the United Visual Artists are an art and design practice based in London who focus on creating pieces that stand at the intersection of sculpture, architecture, digital creation, and live performance. With team members from around the world and across disciplines, the UVA … READ MORE


The Creators Project NYC 2011 – “Origin” Audio-Visual Sculpture | By United Visual Artists

After its inaugural event at MILK Studio last summer roused up a collective interest in the blurring of technology and art, The Creators Project returns to the Big Apple with an ever more ambitious agenda. What constitute as a lax coordination of exhibits is in fact a … READ MORE


High Arctic by United Visual Artists (UVA)

Art with a message — that’s what you’ll discover at a sprawling new exhibit at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England. Created by United Visual Artists and entitled High Arctic, the installation covers the entire gallery space and presents a world in the near distant future, … READ MORE


Coachella Music Festival 2011 – Main Stage Designed By UVA | Video

Is a concert stage merely a pile of steel tubings, electrical cables, speakers and lights? The UK-base United Visual Artists (UVA) thought otherwise as it formulated the basis for Coachella Music Festival 2011‘s main stage. The brilliance behind its final creation was UVA’s approach – to make … READ MORE