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HTC Droid DNA – World’s First Smartphone with 1080p HD Display

Mobile phone maker HTC announced a major milestone in display feature today with the launch of its Droid DNA smartphone. First of its kind to quipped with a true 1080p HD display, its 5-inch screen boasts a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and 440 pixels per … READ MORE


Steve Wozniak – The Amazing Contents of Apple Co-Founder’s Travel Backpack

Known simply as “Woz” to cadre of Apple followers worldwide, Steve Wozniak in some ways even “out geeked” fellow Apple co-founder Steve Jobs during the early days the company So it wasn’t all that surprising to see this much gadgets packed into Wozniak’s backpack. The Woz added, … READ MORE


Motorola DROID RAZR | World’s Thinnest Smartphone

After a long, hard fought battle to claim its place among the world’s top cellphone makers, Motorola, which also goes by the name of Motorola Mobility, announced the Motorola DROID RAZA this morning in New York City. Beside its super thin form factor, at only 7.1 mm, … READ MORE


Apple iPhone 4S – Officially Unveiled

Rarely has Apple missed its mark when it comes to product announcement, so plenty of people are left wondering when the purported iPhone 5 became a “no-show”. However, there is still much to talk about at today’s event in Cupertino like the upcoming iPhone 4S. Quipped with … READ MORE


Motorola DROID BIONIC | Available Now

Many early reviewers have already bestowed the title “iPhone Slayer” on this new Motorola entry and its easy to see why. The first phone to have dual-core processors, clocking in at 1 GHz with 1 GB of RAM, the Motorla DROID BIONIC is about to end iPhone’s … READ MORE


Motorola DROID BIONIC – ARnea Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt

The uncanny similarities to Apple‘s 1984 Macintosh commercial are quite obvious. Titled “Armor”, the new ad campaign conceptualized by both Motorola and service provider Verizon Wireless, is a direct challenge to Apple over its dominance of the smartphone market. Its in preparation for Motorola DROID BIONIC, said … READ MORE


AT&T iPhone VS. Verizon iPhone – Nationwide 3G Speed Test

To those of us clamoring for the arrival of a CDMA Apple iPhone 4, this bit of news fly against all conventional beliefs. In a recent independent, crowd sourcing-base test by Speedtest.net among some 43,000 AT&T Wireless iPhone users and 14,000 of their Verizon Wireless counterparts, it … READ MORE

Apple iPhone 4 x Verizon Wireless – Pre-Order Sold Out In 2 Hours

Verizon Wireless might want to change the tagline on this advertisement soon. The Cult of Apple strikes fast and hard in the pre-dawn hours yesterday as Verizon Wireless opened the pre-order option to existing customers for the Verizon iPhone 4. In a 2-hour time frame, between 3 … READ MORE


Apple iPhone 4 Comes To Verizon Wireless | Available February 10th

At 11:06 EST this morning, minus or plus 3 minutes or so, Verizon COO Lowell McAdam uttered the words millions of current Verizon and disgruntled AT&T customers hoped to hear “Today we’re partnering with a giant of the industry, and that’s Apple.” Talks started back in 2008, … READ MORE


Verizon Wireless – Apple iPhone 4 Announcement | January 11th, 2011

All the speculation can come to rest now. A group of technology reporters received invitations from Verizon Wireless today. All for a special press event at New York City‘s Frederick P. Rose Hall in Lincoln Center next Tuesday, January 11th. Though the invites did not reveal any … READ MORE