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VICE – Epicly Later’d: Keith Hufnagel Part 1 | Video

Through its “Epicly Later’d” video series, VICE presents a necessary primer on one Keith Hufnagel, whose name over the past few years has become virtually synonymous with his namesake brand’s wildly popular “weed socks.” That’s giving short shrift to a figure who once loomed large in the New … READ MORE

VICE - A Day With... Sofubi Maker Video

VICE – “A Day With… Sofubi Maker” | Video

Affectionately known as sofubi by Japanese soft vinyl collectors and makers, this dying trade is niche yet thriving hobby in Japan. VICE Japan followed Katsura Mori of Realxhead in the latest episode of A Day With…. Unlike other mass-produced toys and figures, the old school soft vinyl … READ MORE

Vice - Epicly Laterd Theotis Beasley Part 1 Video

VICE – Epicly Later’d: Theotis Beasley Part 1 | Video

Those who have watched Epicly Later’d, one of the popular skateboard-related shows on VICE, over the years would notice a shift in its interviewees, from young up-and-comers to old veterans. However, they are making the move back to focusing on young skateboarders again. The latest series interviews … READ MORE


Fresh Off The Boat Starring Eddie Huang – Moscow Part 1

Famous for his Taiwanese restaurant Baohaus — as well as his hip hop-inspired bluster — Eddie Huang is the host of “Fresh Off the Boat,” a VICE video series that takes the pint-sized chef across the world, allowing him to soak up both local culture and cuisine. The … READ MORE


FUCT – Fall/Winter 2013 “Due In Time” Collection Lookbook | Video

Fuct‘s Fall/Winter 2013 collection is out and it comes with a raw and gritty video lookbook for your viewing pleasure. Filmed in Bangkok, Thailand (which Chow immortalized in the Hangover II when he proclaimed, “Holla! City of Squala!”), the pieced-together scenes feature caps, beanies, sweaters, and t-shirts … READ MORE

VICE A Portrait of Brian Anderson Video

VICE – “A Portrait of Brian Anderson” | Video

Brian Anderson is causing some buzz in the skateboarding community, as he had stepped off the Girl Skateboards team, and started his own skateboard company, 3D Skateboard Co. Furthermore, his Nike SB pro model sneaker, Project BA, is getting attention from skateboarders and sneaker fiends alike. On … READ MORE


Vice – “Fresh Off the Boat with Eddie Huang” – Season 2 | Trailer

If you’ve been following along with Eddie Huang’s delicious and entertaining exploits these past few months as he documents the food, people, and sites he meets in his Fresh Off the Boat series, you’ll excited to hear that Season 2 is on its way. The first set of … READ MORE


Rupert Murdoch and 21st Century Fox Purchased 5% Stake in VICE Media for $70 Million

Ladened with eye-rolling headlines such as “Orson Scott Card Is Officially the Most Racist Sci-Fi Author,” “Greek Neo-Nazi Beach Party!” and “Moscow’s Real-Life Fight Club Looks Insane,” one story VICE failed to mention this weekend was its deal with billionaire Rupert Murdoch and his 21st Century Fox … READ MORE


The Creators Project – Takahashi Murakami Interview | Video

Numerous discussions on his art and new venture in film may divide the critics and fans that support/oppose Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami, yet it is refreshing to hear the voice from the artist himself. Intel and VICE got together to set up The Creators Project, an initiative … READ MORE


Daft Punk “Random Access Memories” The Collaborators: Paul Williams

Earlier we got some insight into the making of Daft Punk‘s upcoming Random Access Memories from the source itself. Now we get yet another contribution from the latest installment of The Collaborators video series from The Creators Project, this one featuring a testimonial from Paul Williams, the … READ MORE


Henry Hargreaves – Backstage Meals of Famous Musicians

Many of you have heard the stories about what artists request prior to their concerts and shows. Many of the requests are fairly normal, but many are pretty outlandish and weird. A rider is basically what these requests are called. They’re condition(s) in a contract/agreement that outlines … READ MORE