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Daft Punk “Random Access Memories” The Collaborators: Pharrell Williams

“The robots’ music,” asserts Pharrell Williams, “is the power to separate itself from all else that exists.” So begins the latest installment of The Collaborators series from The Creators Project, in which the singer/producer describes working with Daft Punk on their upcoming album, Random Access Memories. As … READ MORE


Daft Punk “Random Access Memories” The Collaborators: Nile Rodgers

The new Daft Punk album, Random Access Memories, is set to release in a little over a month on May 21. To help usher in the new album and give us a unique view into their world, the group has recently launched a video series and they’ve just dropped … READ MORE


Daft Punk “Random Access Memories” The Collaborators: Todd Edwards

Following on the heels of The Collaborators series’ inaugural episode featuring Giorgio Moroder, The Creators Project has released a new installment centering around producer Todd Edwards. The New Jersey native has stated that working on Daft Punk‘s upcoming Random Access Memories effectively changed his life, with the album … READ MORE


Daft Punk “Random Access Memories” The Collaborators: Giorgio Moroder

The Creators Project, a partnership between Intel and VICE, presents an interview with the legendary synth composer and producer Giorgio Moroder, who discusses his work with Daft Punk in the making of the duo’s first studio album in eight years, Random Access Memories. The eight-minute clip begins … READ MORE


VICE – “Art Talk: Rostarr” | Video

In the latest episode of Art Talk, VICE took a trip down to Mexico where Rostarr was holding his solo exhibition, Turbo Arena, at Anonymous Gallery. Born Romon Kimin Yang, the Brooklyn native is well known for his calligraphy style artworks. Though abstract in nature, the artworks … READ MORE


VICE Acquires i-D Magazine

i-D Magazine is the epitome of progressive journalism, covering global topics such as fashion, music, art, and all things cool and contemporary. On the other end of the scale, VICE is one of the leading online media outlets, appealing to the youth and beyond. Even though the … READ MORE


The xx – “Chained” | Music Video

When The xx released “Angels” off their second album Coexist this past summer, fans heard the kind of spare, hushed melodies that they’d come to love about the British band, with Romy Madley Croft’s vocals deservedly grabbing the lion’s share of the spotlight. The intimacy is threatened … READ MORE


VICE – Noisey Special: 24 Hours with Odd Future in NYC – Part 1 | Video

The Beatles at Shea Stadium it isn’t, but this short film documenting one calendar day of the New York invasion by OFWGKTA is an entertaining look at the level of hi-jinx the crew indulges in the Big Apple. Representing Part 1 of a new video series from … READ MORE


VICE x Incase – Picture Perfect: Chris Anderson | Video

The latest episode in VICE and Incase‘s Picture Perfect series that we previewed earlier in the month that delves into the artistic world of photographer Chris Anderson has arrived. Anderson first earned world-wide recognition when he joined a group of Haitian refugees trying to sail to America in 2000, capturing … READ MORE


VICE x Incase – Picture Perfect: Chris Anderson | Trailer

Each month, VICE and Incase go behind the scenes (or lens) to explore the artistic process of some of the world’s top photojournalists, documenting their lives and work in a way that provides even more depth to their photos.  In this trailer for the upcoming episode of … READ MORE


VICE – Epicly Later’d: Eric Koston Part 2 | Video

Some may consider Eric Koston to be god-like on the skateboard, while others may not go that far, whatever the opinion, there is an absolute certainty that Koston was a child prodigy of skateboarding. At a tender age of 16, he faced a daunting choice of turning … READ MORE