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Freshness Week In Review: 2/14/2011 2/21/2011

Even excluding international affairs, there was definitely no shortage of news this week. The attentions of the sports world and beyond has been focused on All Star Weekend for weeks; the event has finally arrived, bringing with it a deluge of product tie-ins, major ad campaigns, and … READ MORE


VMAN Magazine Party With Kanye West Invitation With Real Money!!!

Among fashion designers and event producers, there is a friendly wager to outdo one another in both designs and collection presentations. The same goes for the after party, where shock factors dictate the level of noteworthiness. In addition to its cash filled Issue 21  by Karl Lagerfeld … READ MORE


VMAN 21 Assembly Line Kanye West By Karl Lagerfeld For VMAN Magazine | Event Recap

A bit quirky, a bit fun, the assembly line for VMAN 21 took place the last 2 days at VMAN Magazine‘s headquarter at 11 Mercer Street, just doors away from Nike Sportswear 21 Mercer flagship store. Dressed in sterile white tracksuits, the 3 hired helps (models by … READ MORE


VMAN Issue 21 Kanye West Cover – Photos by Karl Lagerfeld

VMAN have combined two talented individuals from different worlds for a monumental cover shoot. Kanye West stands on the receiving end of the shoot, while on the other side, Karl Lagerfeld aims his trusty camera and translates his vision to paper. And speaking of paper, one in … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 1/31/2011 2/06/2011

Mid-Winter isn’t the hottest time of year for retail, but it’s often a busy time of year for the business side of fashion: upcoming collaborations are announced, Spring/Summer collections are previewed, and of course there are multiple buyer’s shows. This past week included all of those, but … READ MORE


VMAN 21 Assembly Line – Kanye West By Karl Lagerfeld For VMAN Magazine | Video

New York Fashion Week is just around the corner and VMAN Magazine is planning their most audacious issue yet. A literal play on the phrase “Money Talks”, the magazine’s 21st issue will feature the unflappable Kanye West on the cover. The portray, photographed by fashion icon Karl … READ MORE


Kanye West By Karl Lagerfeld For VMAN Magazine | Video

We are very happy to say that VMAN Magazine‘s office is literally down the street from our office. The reason? Thanks to a muted video shot by Kanye West. While there are no nude beauties or evidence of Rick Ross’s $1 million dollars birthday bash, the grainy … READ MORE


HOOD BY AIR- Spring/Summer 2010 Collection Lookbook | Video

Hood By Air is a young and   interesting label that is making a great mix of retro futuristic streetwear. Related to the banjee– “a term that describes a certain type of person who dresses in masculine, hyper-modern fashion for reasons which may include expressing power and … READ MORE