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Stussy Japan x W-BASE “How I Roll” 26-Inch BMX Bike | Available Now

In the weeks following the tragedy in northern Japan, an unlikely sign of normalcy or at least the return of it – the launch of Stussy Japan x W-BASE BMX Bike. Dubbed as “How I Roll”, the 26-inch bike is a rendition of the cruiser style BMX … READ MORE


Oakley x Stussy x W-BASE – “How I Roll” 26-Inch BMX Bike | Video

A novelty offering for Summer 2011, Stussy enlisted help from Shibuya-base bike retailer W-BASE in the production of a retro BMX bike. What came out of the partnership was the “How I Roll” BMX Bike, a 26-inch cruiser style BMX circa late 1970s to early 1980s. Forged … READ MORE

Durcus One Hulf 1

x-girl x W-Base – Durcus One Hulf BMX

In an unlikely combination, Japan’s most famous BMX store W-Base was given the task of designing a custom BMX for x-girl. The bike is based on their Durcus One Hulf model and all of the graphics were taken care of by x-girl themselves. Limited to 100 units … READ MORE


SAGLIFE x W-Base – Double Straps

Japanese bag and accessories brand SAGLIFE have been working closely with bicycle shop W-Base in secrecy on the Double Straps for fixed gear bicycles. The double strap is much better than the conventional single strap and this SAGLIFE version uses two leather material that sandwiches a plate … READ MORE


IRAK x W-Base – T-Shirt

A surprising collaboration project has been revealed with the IRAK crew teaming up with Tokyo’s premier BMX and fixed gear shop W-Base. The project brings about a t-shirt with simple design on the front and the back. Some may have already seen pics of Kunle’s fixed gear … READ MORE


W-Base – Frame Pad

Frame pads are primarily designed for old school style BMX but it has also been adopted by fixed gear riders to protect the top tube from harm. Tokyo’s premier BMX/fixed gear bicycle shop W Base will be launching one of their original frame pad very soon. As … READ MORE


W-Base – Revolution Riser Handle Bar

One of Tokyo’s famous bicycle garages, W-Base have released their long awaited Revolution riser handle bars. W-Base started out primarily as BMX oriented garage but have welcomed the influx of fixed gear bicycles with their custom built bicycle and other related products. The latest item on their … READ MORE