Mercedes-Benz M-Class Tuned by WALD INTERNATIONAL 00

Mercedes-Benz M-Class Tuned | By WALD INTERNATIONAL

Japanese aftermarket parts company WALD INTERNATIONAL is debuting the new body kit package for Mercedes-Benz M-Class. This SUV might be the least sporty vehicle in the Mercedes-Benz stable, yet this aero package will certainly improve its aesthetics. Gaping mouth on the front bumper aggressively fills the gap … READ MORE


Audi A7 Sportback Tuned | By WALD INTERNATIONAL

Japanese tuning house WALD INTERNATIONAL takes its craft very seriously, making sure that its designs are suitable for each vehicle’s aesthetics. Their work stands out amongst other companies, simply because they are able to design kits that exude luxury and performance cues. By all means, the Audi … READ MORE


Lexus CT 200h ZWA10 Sports Line – Black Bison Edition | By WALD INTERNATIONAL

In an “All-Black, Everything” design theme, the Osaka-base WALD INTERNATIONAL refurbished this new Lexus CT 200h with its latest aero kit. In addition to the side skirt, front and back bumpers, and multiple bumpers, WALD also incorporated its LED front apron a special quad exhaust tailpipes, plus … READ MORE



With the popularity of the Toyota 86, known as Scion FR-S in the USA, one can only imagine that aftermarket tuners are working overtime to prepare parts and kits for the sports coupe. WALD INTERNATIONAL is one of the first companies to unveil upgrades for the aforementioned … READ MORE


Toyota Prius Tuned | By WALD INTERNATIONAL

In some ways, the hybrid and electric cars have been excluded from the car-modifying scene, primarily due to the lack of potential for performance and aesthetic modifications. However, WALD INTERNATIONAL in Japan have done what many have claimed was impossible by dramatically improving the image of the … READ MORE


Porsche – Panamera | By WALD INTERNATIONAL

Perhaps the Panamera is not the most sporty model from the Porsche stable, yet its true potential is unveiled by Japanese tuning house WALD INTERNATIONAL. An aggressive full body kit, the Black Bison, was developed to accentuate the curves of the sporty saloon. All of the parts … READ MORE