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White Mountaineering x PORTER – Ox Multi-Pocket Daypack

Assisting in making some accessories for White Mountaineering again this season is PORTER, who has produced a pair of Ox Multi-Pocket Daypacks for their Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Based on the basic Daypack, this backpack is equipped with more than enough compartments and storage pockets on its exterior. … READ MORE


ISETAN x UNDERCOVER x mastermind JAPAN x White Mountaineering x PHENOMENON – Tokyo Summer Madness Collection

As we enter the summer season, Isetan has initiated the Tokyo Summer Madness Collection, which reflects on traditional Japanese garments. The kimono may be familiar in the West as the traditional garment worn by the Japanese, however its complexity and layering makes it difficult to wear everyday, … READ MORE


White Mountaineering – Fall/Winter 2012 Accessories Collection

Built to accentuate their 2012 Fall/Winter Apparel Collection, White Mountaineering is preparing to release a new range of accessories built to outfit you from head to toe for whatever the weather and your day may throw at you. Featured in the drop is a wide range of different … READ MORE


White Mountaineering – Fall/Winter 2012 Footwear Collection

We previously showcased White Mountaineering‘s Fall/Winter 2012 apparel collection and accompanying lookbook, and now we present a look at the brand’s footwear range. Dominated by an earth-tone color palette in premium materials, the silhouettes include rustic boots — constructed from a combination of leather and corduroy with … READ MORE


White Mountaineering – Fall/Winter 2012 Apparel Collection

White Mountaineering designer and founder Yosuke Aizawa envisioned the Fall/Winter 2012 collection to be worn by travelers, as suggested by their Fall/Winter 2012 Collection Lookbook. Here we take a closer look at a portion of the very extensive apparel range that includes outerwear, tops, shirts, t-shirts, as … READ MORE


White Mountaineering – Fall/Winter 2012 Collection Lookbook

In a few weeks time, White Mountaineering will be debuting their Fall/Winter 2012 collection at their flagship stores in Japan and through their authorized dealers worldwide. The collection is entitled Award Tour, influenced by travelers and globetrotters, who roam freely between countries and continents. With this concept … READ MORE


White Mountaineering – Pocket T-Shirts

White Mountaineering shows off its love of playing with patterns and colors with this new line of Pocket T-Shirts for their Spring/Summer 2012 collection. The cotten Tees come in two colors, charcoal grey and purple, each with two different single-patch pocket patterns, the cross-like batik and a … READ MORE

white mountaineering - flower camo highcut sneakers - 1

White Mountaineering – Flower Camo Highcut Sneakers

White Mountaineering continues their foray into the footwear market with a pair of Flower Camo Highcut Sneakers – a casual shoe that is as easy on the eyes as it is easy to wear. Featuring a grey and black floral canvas print that we first saw in … READ MORE

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White Mountaineering – Spring/Summer 2012 Collection | Delivery 3

Yosuke Aizama, founder and designer of White Mountaineering, clearly has his finger on the pulse of those who feel a strong draw to the outdoors matched equally by their respect for a fine piece of apparel. Combing Earthy tones, vibrant patterns, and luxurious fabrics, Japan’s White Mountaineering … READ MORE

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White Mountaineering Leather Chukka – Brown

White Mountaineering takes advantage of the flexibility and style built in to their Chukka silhouette to demonstrate the diversity of their line, especially coming off of the recent release of their solid Odell Mountain Boot. Wearing a geometric pattern around the base of the brown leather upper that … READ MORE

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White Mountaineering Odell Mountain Boots

White Mountaineering has got you covered for your impromptu trip off the beaten trail with their sturdy, but equally stylish Odell Mountain Boots. Brought to you by a brand that knows a thing or two about designing quality apparel for the four seasons, these boots ably combine … READ MORE