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adidas Originals by Originals Kazuki Kuraishi (kzk) – Fall/Winter 2010 Apparel | Delivery 2

Good design lies in the details. For Kazuki Kuraishi and his fellow Japanese friends from WHIZ and LUKER by NEIGHBORHOOD, the Japanese sensibility of care and thought works dictates their winning designs and it comes through in the material used, that extra trompe l’oeil touch in the … READ MORE


adidas Originals by Originals Kazuki Kuraishi – Fall/Winter 2010 Sneakers | Delivery 2

For the second part of Fall/Winter 2010, Kazuki Kuraishi returns to his adidas Originals by Originals Kazuki Kuraishi (kzk) line with renditions of what are already popular classics in his collection– two new colorways of the Felicity Campus 80s and a new sturdy hi-top sneaker basketball boot, … READ MORE


adidas Originals by Originals Kazuki Kuraishi (kzk) – Fall/Winter 2010 Lookbook | Delivery 2

A good sense of energy and color without going completely haywire over to the wild side and maintaining a delicate measure between maturity and playfulness, Kazuki Kuraishi delivers a winning Fall/Winter 2010 collection for his work with adidas Originals by Originals Kazuki Kuraishi. Kuraishi holds down his … READ MORE


WHIZ Limited – Fall/Winter 2010 Collection – “Curtain Call”

WHIZ Limited rolls out their Fall/Winter 2010 Collection, “Curtain Call”, and all we can think about is yelling for an encore. As one of the strongest players in Japanese street wear, WHIZ Limited, continues to bring its A game into Fall/Winter, mixing the key elements of Japanese … READ MORE

The Decade of WHIZ

WHIZ Limited – The Decade of WHIZ LIMITED 2000 – 2010 Retrospective Book

Ten years in any business is a good bench mark to celebrate the struggles and successes and that is exactly what Japanese brand WHIZ Limited is doing. It is a 280 page book that is filled with archived images, behind the scenes documentation, collaboration items and many … READ MORE


Stussy x WHIZ Limited – 10th Anniversary T-Shirt + Fitted Cap | The Tribe Of Whiz Collection

His calm and cordial demeanor never gave any slight hints of concern. Mainly because Shitano-san, the creative head of WHIZ Limited, understood his customers’ wishes and desires. Armed with that knowledge, WHIZ Limited and its retail outlet LUMP had the capacity to endure several economic downturns, along … READ MORE

8S Pants Black

WHIZ Limited – New 2010 Summer Items

WHIZ Limited from Tokyo have always been in a league of their own. Their creative execution is heavily influenced by military and workwear, and both styles are absolutely timeless. However, they do not just perform a simple revival, and instead, they go one step further to reinvent … READ MORE

adidas Originals by Originals (ObyO) - Kazuki Kuraishi - LT Shell

adidas Originals by Originals – Fall/Winter 2010 – Kazuki Kuraishi (kzk) Apparel

Armed with an eye for details, a mind that doesn’t cease to wander and talented friends ready to help, Kazuki Kuraishi is back for the four season of adidas Originals by Originals line-up for Fall/Winter 2010. Last season, Kuraishi enlisted the help of friends such as DJ … READ MORE


ANOKHA x WHIZ Limited – Joint Works Mountain Jacket

Japanese casual wear brands ANOKHA and WHIZ Limited got together to produce a special Joint Works Mountain Jacket. The light weight jacket is made in nylon outer fabric with mesh lining for extra breathability. Two embroidered patches on the front chest make a subtle focal point along … READ MORE