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WHIZ x fragment design – LUMP 3rd Anniversary Tee

WHIZ x FRAGMENT (LUMP 3rd Anniversary Tee) To celebrate the 3rd year anniversary of LUMP, Hiroshi Fujiwara’s FRAGMENT teamed up with LUMP’s brand, WHIZ, for this limited edition t-shirt. The Black version is on sale for the general public, while the rarer White version is for employees … READ MORE

Freshness Feature: LUMP – Rebirth + WHIZ Limited

Produced by Dan H. Translated by Debre Edited by Poe Freshness continues to introduce our readers to Tokyo’s street culture, fashion and brands. This month we are introducing LUMP. A company formed in 2000 from a partnership between 2 Harajuku veteran designers, Atsushi Horiki and Hiroaki Shitano … READ MORE