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Nike Free – Face Off Competition | By W+K Tokyo

Perhaps the folks at Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo watched too much of John Woo’s martial arts flicks. Started off over the weekend was the newest and maybe the zaniest idea from the good people at W+K Tokyo branch, the Nike Free Face Off. Set aside the John Woo reference … READ MORE


Nike Basketball – KOBESYSTEM: Success for the Successful

A system for success catered to successful people, the KOBESYSTEM is by far the most poignant motivational tool out today. More so than How to Win Friends and Influence People and certainly more effective than Oprah Winfrey sponsored program, The Secret. It is also the most humorous … READ MORE


W+K Tokyo Lab x HIFANA – Fresh Push Play App: Remix Your City | Video

To illustrate the simplicity behind their Fresh Push Play app, Japanese breakbeat musical duo HIFANA sought help from W+K Tokyo Lab to document the process. It all starts with the partners sampling vivid and diverse sounds uniquely Tokyo’s. From greetings at maid cafe, reading of Zen Buddhist … READ MORE


Nike – Basketball Never Stops: Shine – LeBron 24/7

On the concrete playground of New York City, the polished wooden floor of Staples Center, to the packed night session in Shanghai, the game of basketball is one founded on fundamentals, fueled by goals, and energized by the love for the sport. There is no need of … READ MORE


Heineken Light – Occasionally Perfect Billboard

A billboard for Heineken Light, situated on Lafayette and Great Jones in downtown New York, announced “This billboard is occasionally perfect.” As billboards go, it was adequate — big and well lit, but far from perfect. But on August 17th, it suddenly lived up to its billing, as … READ MORE


Levi’s: Go Forth – “Legacy” | Video

The latest offering from the Wieden+Kennedy‘s “Go Forth” global marketing campaign for Levi’s is the “Legacy” video, an inspirational clip that delivers the message “Your life is your life” — it’s yours to make of it what you want. From exulting in a glorious sunrise to rolling … READ MORE


Old Spice Mano a Mano: Rules of Engagement | Video

Its High Noon here on the East Coast of U.S. Thus, 2 chiseled manly figures, with equally sculpted egos, will go head to head in Old Spice Mano A Mano in El Bano duel of century. Though its borderline delirium, there are serious implications to this war … READ MORE


Old Spice – Old Spice Guy vs. Fabio | Video

In the centuries old tradition of Mano a Mano in el Baño, the maned romantic for the ages, Fabio, will go head to head tomorrow at High Noon against the Old Spice Guy (aka Isaiah Mustafa). In a battle of wits and words, Fabio declared himself as … READ MORE


Nike China – “Use Sports…” Campaign | Video

A parallel to Dan Wieden’s “Just Do It” slogan decades ago, Nike China unveiled “Use Sports…” as the continuing call that sports are more than activities but catalysts to something greater. Conceived by Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai, “Use Sports…” is a preposition that welcomes participants to finish statement. It … READ MORE


Nike Japan – “New Beginnings” | Video

In the first inning the starting pitcher gives up six earned runs and records just one out before he’s pulled from the game. It’s his worst outing of the season, if not his entire career. While his ERA balloons, his confidence suffers a precipitous drop.  But when … READ MORE

Nike Better World | Behind The Scenes

Nike Better World | Behind The Scenes

Nike‘s history with Wieden+Kennedy dates back to the 1980s (if you’ve ever wondered who came up with the “Just do it” tagline, that’s them). Considering Nike’s business model is practically a textbook example of the power of good marketing, its relationship with Wieden+Kennedy is one the company … READ MORE