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Merce Death – “Still in the Sky” Music Video | Created Entirely on Apple iPhone 4S

The one man musical outfit known as Merce Death (aka Shingo Ohno) has an interesting proposition – to make an entire music video utilizing nothing else but his Apple iPhone 4S. Though many Apple faithful have taken to their mobile device as their only camera and camcorder, … READ MORE


Nike Free Building Twist | By W+K Tokyo

This latest project from Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo for Nike will probably raise some eyebrows and drop some jaws, but, unlike, their Free Face project, a building will be doing all the moving and flexing. Taking cues from Nike’s ultra-flexible runner, the Nike Free, the W+K Tokyo team … READ MORE


Nike Free – Face Off Competition | By W+K Tokyo

Perhaps the folks at Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo watched too much of John Woo’s martial arts flicks. Started off over the weekend was the newest and maybe the zaniest idea from the good people at W+K Tokyo branch, the Nike Free Face Off. Set aside the John Woo reference … READ MORE


W+K Tokyo Lab x HIFANA – Fresh Push Play App: Remix Your City | Video

To illustrate the simplicity behind their Fresh Push Play app, Japanese breakbeat musical duo HIFANA sought help from W+K Tokyo Lab to document the process. It all starts with the partners sampling vivid and diverse sounds uniquely Tokyo’s. From greetings at maid cafe, reading of Zen Buddhist … READ MORE


Making of Nike x HIFANA – Nike Music Shoe | Video

So there have been some crazy things people have done with shoes– turned them into sculptures, turned them into running tracks, collected them as if they are loot excavated from King Tut’s grave, then turned them into gaming consoles…but nothing thus far has been nearly as outrageous … READ MORE