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Freshness Week In Review: 8/16/2010 – 8/20/2010

New York City has been extremely busy (since when has it not been, but even more so this week, mainly with thanks to Nike) recently, and because of that, Freshness has been extremely busy as well. We have ran around the town from Madison Square Garden to … READ MORE


Fresh Celeb: Nigel Sylvester – Nike Air Force 1 3M | DJ Clark Kent – Nike Dunk Air Force 1 Tiffany

The premiere of Air Force 1: Anatomy Of An Urban Legend, the new tour de force by film maker Thibaut de Longeville about the legendary AF1 not only brought out sneakers aficionados and celebrities alike. The event, which took place last weekend at the iconic Apollo Theater … READ MORE


Fresh Celeb: Tony Parker – YSL Classic High-Top Sneaker | At WBF

Spotted at World Basketball Festival over the weekend at the USA vs. France game with wife and Desperate Housewife, Eva Longoria is star NBA’s Spur’s point guard and France national team player (though he is not playing at FIBA), Tony Parker. While Parker wasn’t in the game, … READ MORE


World Basketball Festival – USA Basketball Vs. Team China Scrimmage At Madison Square Garden | Event Recap

A common misconception to many first time visitors to New York, but there is no garden at Madison Square Garden. More accurately, this “garden” is a direct reflection of New York City, an assembly of glass, steel, and concrete. No cultivation here of edible greeneries or beautify … READ MORE

World Basketball Festival – Kobe Bryant Appearances | Event Recap

True his nickname, the Black Mamba, the 5-time NBA Champion Kobe Bryant took on a stealthy persona this past Saturday as he made his way to Ruckers Park in Harlem for Chainlink Fundamentals, a grassroot basketball outreach program for under served youth. Soon enough, the Twitter lit … READ MORE


World Basketball Festival – Air Force 1: Anatomy Of An Urban Legend Premiere At Apollo Theater | Event Recap

5 years after Just For Kicks, the definitive documentary about the raise of sneakers to the cornerstone of pop culture today, film maker Thibaut de Longeville returns to the big screen with Air Force 1: Anatomy Of An Urban Legend, a fitting tribute to the most popular … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 08/09/2010 – 08/13/2010

If Puma or adidas or any other  sportswear competitors out there are hoping to eliminate competition for once and for all, pulling some covert operation in New York City would have been most efficient this past weekend because the entire Nike and more have gathered in the … READ MORE


World Basketball Festival – Jordan Brand x The Original David – Exclusive T-Shirt Collection

Washington D.C. base apparel label, The Original David, joined forces with Jordan Brand for an exclusive t-shirt collection during the World Basketball Festival.  In the theme of For The Love Of The Game, the dual design honored His Airness, Michael Jordan, his accomplishments, and of course, the … READ MORE


World Basketball Festival – Opening Event Featuring Jay-Z | Video

Feeling left out from last evening’s festivities at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall? You’re not alone. With the venue packed to its 5,000+ capacity, there was simply not enough room to fit everyone. Now thanks to DailyMotion, the video coverage, originally broadcasted live on World … READ MORE