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adidas Originals – XLARGE | PORTER | maharishi – FIVE-TWO 3 Collection

adidas Originals‘ newest pack features a three way collaboration with XLARGE, PORTER, and maharishi on three of their Originals’ models including the Superstar, Nizza, and Stan Smith respectively. XLARGE collaborated with adidas on the Superstar using a wide variety of colors and exotic reptile leathers with an … READ MORE


XLARGE Japan – 2009 Spring Items

Here is a look at the first drops from the 2009 Spring items by XLARGE Japan. The theme of this season is “Regiment” and variations of preppy or marine style elements are scattered through out. Colorful as always, the first drops include tees, double zipped hoodies, windbreaker and blue … READ MORE


XLARGE x Levi’s – 502 Denim

On Saturday, February 28th, 2009, XLARGE Japan will release a collaboration with Levi’s Japan. This model is based on Levi’s Yellow Stitch 502 denim and XLARGE have modified the crotch line 2cm lower while keeping the regular fit straight silhouette. The denim is detailed with this season’s Regimental Stripe print on the … READ MORE

XLARGE - Wild Things Classic Mountain Parka

XLARGE x Wild Things – Classic Mountain Parka

The 3rd addition to the Wild Things series, the XLARGE Classic Mountain Parka combine the technical outershell of the classic Wild Things Mountain Parka with the XLARGE Block Plaid Flannel Shirt as the interior lining.   Available in 2 different plaid lining, the XLARGE x Wild Things … READ MORE

XLARGE x MEDICOM TOY - 100% + 400% Flock BE@RBRICK


Scheduled to go on sale on Saturday, November 1st, is the latest collaboration between MEDICOM TOY and XLARGE.  The XLARGE x MEDICOM TOY BE@RBRICK  highlights XLARGE’s 17th anniversary since the label/retailer inception by Eli Bonerz and Adam Silverman.  Available in sizes 400% (gray only) and the smaller … READ MORE

XLARGE x Penfield - Outback Down Vest

XLARGE x Penfield – Outback Down Vest

Another much anticipated Penfield collaboration has just been release in Japan over the weekend.  Created through a partnership with urban apparel label XLARGE‘s associate in Japan, the XLARGE x Penfield – Outback Down Vest offers the utmost warmth, through its 80% goose down 20% feather filing and … READ MORE

XLARGE - Duffle Coat

XLARGE – Cotton Jersey Duffle Coat

Popularized first by the sailors of England’s Royal Navy during World War I, the duffle coat, much like its counterpart on land, the trench coat, became popular utilitarian outerwear in the 1950s.  And for its 2008 Fall Collection, XLARGE Japan will introduce its own variation of the … READ MORE

ADDICT x XLARGE - ADDICT Originator Series

ADDICT Originator Series – ADDICT x XLARGE

In honor of their inspirations, UK-based ADDICT created The Originator Series, one that pays homage to 3 of the “originators” that created a new genre of fashion, streetwear.  Taken ome of the earliest and most well known graphics for the 3 pioneers – FUCT, Freshjive, and XLARGE, … READ MORE

XLARGE - Carnival Chronograph Watch

XLARGE – Carnival Chronograph Watch

As part of Fall and Winter collections, XLARGE is releasing the Carnival Chronograph.  The tri-colored dials, Seiko crafted chronograph is tune by quartz-crystal and accurate to ±20 seconds/month.  A 2-year battery life, stainless steel casing with TICN plating, and waterproof to 10 atmospheric pressure, or 25-foot. Scheduled … READ MORE

XLARGE - Apple Carabinger

XLARGE – Apple Carabinger

Whether it is holding a set of key, a cellphone, or a digital camera, a carabinger is a tool as ubiquitous to today’s urbanites as to the mountaineers that first used them. While the usual carabinger is all about functionality rather than aesthetics, Japanese brands have been … READ MORE

XLARGE x Disney - X-Disney T-Shirt

XLARGE x Disney – X-Disney T-Shirt

One common misconception regarding any form of collaborations is that the end result must not only convey clearly the brand identities of the 2 or more collaborators, but that it must encompassed in complexities and ideas.  Of course, such course is absolutely unnecessary for any collaborations.  Case … READ MORE