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XLARGE - Carnival Chronograph Watch

XLARGE – Carnival Chronograph Watch

As part of Fall and Winter collections, XLARGE is releasing the Carnival Chronograph.  The tri-colored dials, Seiko crafted chronograph is tune by quartz-crystal and accurate to ±20 seconds/month.  A 2-year battery life, stainless steel casing with TICN plating, and waterproof to 10 atmospheric pressure, or 25-foot. Scheduled … READ MORE

XLARGE - Apple Carabinger

XLARGE – Apple Carabinger

Whether it is holding a set of key, a cellphone, or a digital camera, a carabinger is a tool as ubiquitous to today’s urbanites as to the mountaineers that first used them. While the usual carabinger is all about functionality rather than aesthetics, Japanese brands have been … READ MORE

XLARGE x Disney - X-Disney T-Shirt

XLARGE x Disney – X-Disney T-Shirt

One common misconception regarding any form of collaborations is that the end result must not only convey clearly the brand identities of the 2 or more collaborators, but that it must encompassed in complexities and ideas.  Of course, such course is absolutely unnecessary for any collaborations.  Case … READ MORE

XLARGE x X-girl x Beautiful Losers - T-Shirts

XLARGE x X-girl x Beautiful Losers – T-Shirts

They are some of the best known artistic individuals today. Yet, their stories and how they came about are almost unheard of, until a few years ago when artist Aaron Rose and director Joshua Leonard decided to create the documentary film “Beautiful Losers“. The film highlights how … READ MORE


Yayoi Kusama 草間彌生 x PORTER x XLARGE | X-girl

This project exemplified the idea behind collaboration, the coming together of concepts that no one will associate with each under normal setting. Furthermore, this project stood out even among other collaborations because the parties involved – PORTER, which created a niche market among the urban lifestyle market. … READ MORE


XLARGE – ZOZO Grand Opening – Commemorative Items

Joining the likes of Stussy, Levi’s, and more recently styles, XLARGE will open its official virtual store front within Japan’s premiere online shopping network, ZOZO. To commemorate the grand opening today XLARGE will be releasing 2 special items: Multi Camo OG ZOZO T-Shirt and Love Custom Denim. … READ MORE

XLARGE x The Hundreds x Casio - G-Shock DW-6900

XLARGE x The Hundreds x Casio G-Shock DW-6900

As if we haven’t shown you enough Casio watches as of late here is another one to add to the list. This one is a three way collaboration between XLARGE, The Hundreds, and of course Casio. The watch is a bit more special than some of the … READ MORE


XLARGE – XLRG Messenger Bag

For the Autumn/Winter season, XLARGE created 3 core themes to base their collection on: fast food, OG, and 1991, the year the label was established. For the 1991 theme, XLARGE created a special motif that closely resembles the Olympic Games‘ insignia of 5 intersecting rings in different … READ MORE


XLARGE x STLESS – 5th Anniversary T-Shirt

Last month, Japanese online retailer STLESS, part of the popular shopping network ZOZOTOWN, celebrated its 5th anniversary. As part of the commemoration, STLESS along with XLARGE, designed a very special t-shirt. The seemingly simple graphic on the t-shirt – an eye floating through a cloud, is full … READ MORE