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A BATHING APE x Yoshifumi Egawa - A SKATING APE Collection 01

A BATHING APE x Yoshifumi Egawa – “A SKATING APE” Collection

http://bape.com”>A BATHING APE turned to one of the pioneers of Japanese streetwear scene, http://freshnessmag.com/tag/yoshifumi-egawa/”>Yoshifumi Egawa, for their latest collaboration effort. Egawa is affectionately known by his nickname, Yoppi or Yops, worked closely with veteran graphic designer, http://freshnessmag.com/tag/sk8thing/”>SK8THING, on this http://bape.com/askatingape/”>A SKATING APE collection. The rather large collection … READ MORE


Hombre Nino – Fall/Winter 2013 Collection Lookbook

Around one full year has passed since the inception of Japanese menswear and kidswear label http://hombrenino.com/”>Hombre Niño. Its range is expanding every season, and this Fall/Winter 2013 collection is their biggest collection yet. Hombre means man and niño means child in Spanish, a self-explanatory name as their … READ MORE


Hombre Nino x PORTER – 2 Way Tote Bag – Natural

Deliveries from the http://freshnessmag.com/tag/hombre-nino/”>Hombre Nino Spring/Summer 2013 collection are slowly making its way into retailers. The Japanese label collaborated with http://yoshidakaban.com/”>PORTER again for a different version of the highly functional 2 Way Tote Bag. As a professional skateboarder, as well as a founder and designer of Hombre … READ MORE


Hombre Nino – Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Lookbook

It looks like http://freshnessmag.com/tag/hombre-nino/”>Hombre Nino is slowly getting traction as their Spring/Summer 2013 collection makes its way into select retailers. Not only is http://freshnessmag.com/tag/yoshifumi-egawa/”>Yoshifumi ‘Yopps’ Egawa a key person in the Japanese streetwear and skateboarding scene, he is a proven veteran in producing brands, with HECTIC, MASTERPIECE, … READ MORE


JT&CO – New Label by Jovontae Turner

Jovontae Turner has never been one to stand still. From making a name for himself as a professional skateboarder in the ’90s, the San Francisco native has influenced countless people and cultures around the world. Not only has Turner been instrumental in front of the camera in … READ MORE


Hombre Niňo x PORTER – Bag Collection

For this Fall/Winter 2012 season, http://eyescream.jp/blog/author/egawa/”>Yoshifumi “Yoppi” Egawa’s youthful streetwear brand http://freshnessmag.com/2012/08/08/hombre-nino-a-new-label-by-yoshifumi-yoppi-egawa/” target=”_blank”>Hombre Niňo teams up with the Japanese accessory specialists at http://yoshidakaban.com/” target=”_blank”>Porter on a three-piece bag collection. Whether you are a big or small sneakerhead, Hombre Niňo recognizes that kids of all ages need a solid set of … READ MORE


CHAPTER – Go Skateboarding Exhibition | Tokyo

Skateboarding has filtered into every major city in Japan, however, the majority of professional and amateur skateboarders still reside in Tokyo. Harajuku based sneaker store http://chapterworld.com/”>CHAPTER has curated an exhibition revolving around skateboarding and skateboard shoes. Aptly titled http://chapterworld.com/fs/chapter/c/go_skateboarding”>Go Skateboarding, the exhibition highlights photographs of prominent Japanese … READ MORE


New Balance Book | By HOUYHNHNM

New Balance certainly has been making excellent things happen in recent times–from being a favorite amongst hardcore sneaker fiends, to becoming the focus of attention from high-profile brands and shops by continually producing high-caliber collaboration sneakers. If you are new to this classic athletic footwear brand, don’t … READ MORE


Hombre Niño – A New Label by Yoshifumi “Yoppi” Egawa

http://eyescream.jp/blog/author/egawa/”>Yoshifumi “Yoppi” Egawa is a staple in the Tokyo street scene, as he progressed from being a professional skateboarder to running the cult streetwear brand http://world.co.jp/realmadhectic/”>HECTIC and an iconic fixed gear shop http://carnivaltokyo.com/”>Carnival. Over the years, Egawa has shown his maturity, maintaining a youthful heart, and his … READ MORE


Streething – New Balance: Japanese ideas in an American Company | Video

Ever wondered how the http://newbalance.com/”>New Balance sneakers and its whole approach differs in Japan? Well the answer is not as simple as it seems and it might take four key individuals to explain their view on New Balance and how the brand has filtered into the complex … READ MORE