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Galaxy Soho By Zaha Hadid | Video

A newly uploaded video from http://crane.tv/” target=”_blank”>Crane.tv gives us another look at the office and retail complex known as http://freshnessmag.com/2012/10/30/galaxy-soho-by-zaha-hadid/” target=”_blank”>Galaxy Soho, located in the heart of Beijing. Created by the eponymously named firm http://zaha-hadid.com/” target=”_blank”>Zaha Hadid Architects, the conjoined domed buildings are a testament to Beijing’s … READ MORE


Galaxy Soho By Zaha Hadid

http://zaha-hadid.com/” target=”_blank”>Zaha Hadid, the principal architect behind the newly opened Galaxy Soho complex in central Beijing, describes the visually stunning structure as having “continuous curvilinearity.” The 339,000-square-meter office, shopping and entertainment complex contains four domed buildings, connected by a series of bridges and balconies to create “a … READ MORE


Moleskine – Inspiration and Process in Architecture Series

http://moleskineus.com” target=”_blank”>Molskines are great tools for capturing your flashes of inspiration, creativity, and┬áindividuality, coming in a range of different sizes, formats, and styles, including their popular City theme. Moleskine continues to do its part to help you brainstorm your next big project with their latest series, Inspiration … READ MORE


2012 London Olympics – Aquatics Centre | By Zaha Hadid

When the games of the http://london2012.com/” target=”_blank”>2012 Summer Olympics get under way in London next year, feats of athletic achievement won’t be the only things that the crowds will marvel at. The London Aquatics Centre, a massive structure that holds three pools with a 17,500 seating capacity, … READ MORE