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Marshall Hanwell Active Loudspeaker – 50th Anniversary Edition

Of all the high fidelity consumer electronics available on the market now, only a few could surpass the mystics of a http://marshallamps.com/” target=”_blank”>Marshall amplifiers. Whether its on stage with http://kissonline.com” target=”_blank”>KISS or in a millionaire’s man-cave, the creation by the late Jim Marshall takes on another variation … READ MORE


Marshall Headphones The Marshall Minor | Available Now

The ethereal guitar rendition of Shine On You Crazy Diamond never sounded this close heaven that is till you’ve heard through Marshall’s new headphones.  After the introduction http://freshnessmag.com/2010/11/16/marshall-headphones-%E2%80%93-the-marshall-major-available-now/” target=”_blank”>The Major by the iconic amplifier maker, Marshall followed with the appropriately named The Minor.  Designed accordingly to the … READ MORE