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METHAMPHIBIAN x SBTG's collaboration project, DIPTYCH, tees are now available @ Shotgun.

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About Shotgun

"Having been the originator of the "online underground fashion store" as far back as 1998, shotgun has now taken an enormous leap forward and revolutionised fashion retailing as we know it...

Shotgun shopping.....another mark in internet history.

No longer do you the customer have to put up with being told what you should wear or buy by the "filter controllers" of the world.

Shotgun shopping cuts out shops, cuts out sales staff, cuts out everything that's unnecessary, and takes you direct into the brands warehouse.

There you can order from EVERYTHING they produce, not a filtered selection chosen by a buyer who's no idea what you want, as happens in a shop.

You can now see every style the brand makes, in every colour, in every size, the whole collection as the designer intended it to be seen "unfiltered".

Product is delivered directly to you from the warehouse, so if they have it you can buy it.

It's working with our partners so tightly that enables us to present you items before they arrive in the shops, pre sales, exclusive samples and limited editions and that's if they are ever going to get to the shops at all??

You're not looking at a shop that has a website on the side, this is more specialised, we're partnering brands to expose them in their entirety to you, as intended, via: the internet.

It's time you chose what YOU want to choose go shotgun shopping!

If you're a brand and you're reading this, have you got the balls to put your brand to the test?

You might have a nice little relationship with the 'controllers' who make people think your brands cool, but put it to the public to decide.

If they like it they'll buy it in amounts you've never even dreamt of, but if they don't at least you'll know it's time to improve it?

Trust us we know what we're doing, if you do too, join the monster that is shotgun, let the public go shotgun shopping at yours?!!"