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Toy2R DIY Qee Exhibition with Adicolor

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Toy2R DIY Qee Exhibition with Adicolor - 0

Toy2R steps up with more info on their collaboration with Adidas Adicolor. The collaboration will begin with an exhibition at Bread & Butter Berlin - January 28-29th, 2006. The exhibition will feature one of a kind Adidas custom Qees by artists from nine countries. The artists included Todd McFarlane, NYC Lase, Tim Biskup, D-Mop, Jason Sui and a bunch of others. The good people at Toy2R has sent a few examples over for our viewing pleasure.

Photos of the Toy2R/Adidas Qee Customs in the Freshness Gallery

Click below for more info on the exhibiton

ADIDAS presents : Toy2R DIY Qee Exhibition with Adicolor

Toy2r is proud is in part of the adicolor studio in Berlin
Bread & Butter Berlin / January, 28-29th January, 2006.

Location: Adicolor studio - Berlin
Tucholskystrase 6
10117 Berlin-Mitte

One-of-Kind Adidas custom Qee designed by Best Artists, Designers
working in different mediums and Collectors from difference country -
the selection from collector to artist, underground, Graffiti, Art, Hong
Kong Vinyl, Magazine, Toy company.....

DIY Qee and Adicolor 2006: Self expression and customization can be work
for "everyone!"

Custom Qee by Artists :

Todd McFarlane (Todd McFarlane Entertainment, Inc.)
Matthew Connelly (McFarlane Toys)
Mez (Mezco Toyz)
Winnik Kevin (Diamond Comics)
Anna (Angel Devil)
Charlie Calderin (Doink)
MCA (Evil Design)
Gary Baseman
Tim Biskup
David Horvath
Sun-Min Kim
Derek (UrbanMedium)
Heather (UrbanMedium)

Stormie Mills (Magenta Group Pty Ltd)

Winson (Brothersfree)
Kenny (Brothersfree)
Tim Tsui (Da TeamBronx)
Jason Siu (Jason Siu & Co)
Pal Wong (Pazoart)
Alice Chan (Asterialand)
Raymond Choy (Toy2r)
Tony Wong (Toy2r)
Ricky Wu (Toy2r)
Ryan Mok (Toy2r)
Ultra Desgin
Paul Leung

Mr Gibbs (Jeremy Gibbs Ltd)
FL@33 Ltd


T9G (Museum)
Mad Barbarians
Akira Yamaguchi (AKIRA'S FACTORY)
Kei Sawada (Cho-Chikyu)

Simone Legno (Tokidoki)
Doris Kovacs (Luisa via: Roma)

Nicolas Chevallier (180grammers)

Sasha Huber (S-H-Y)

We are looking forward to see you in Berlin!

About Qee:
Created out of a passion to put toys in an Art contest, Toy2r is
systematically breaking down the borders between product design, art and
graphics. Founded in 1995, with an international perspective, Toy2r is
the Very first company to see the protectional and focus on the designer
toy phenomenon, combining art and developing vinyl toys for toy market.
Most of the design that come from Toy2r are limited editions, making
them collectibles. The Art-Qee phenomenon has already hit worldwide with
many immensely successful Gallery tours. White. three-dimensional blank
canvases (DIY Qee) for various artist to explore and design. The results
are materialized artistic visions thought up by each artist.

About Adidas:
Adidas is a sport brand of a strong association with the world's best
sports events and the most legendary athletes. Deriving inspiration from
their rick heritage, adidas Originals represents a fusion of sport
authenticity and global street style. For many people, adidas Originals
embodies nostalgia, memory, sporting history, street credential and
cultural connectivity. adidas Originals is particularly appreciated by
artists around the World.