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Kofie'One - "Hands On" @ Transport Gallery

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Kofie'One - "Hands On" - new works in Black and white
Feb 4th, 2006

Transport Gallery
1308 Factory Place
Los Angeles, CA



'Hands On' is a straight up a black, white & grey showcase. New Paintings will focus on solid line-works, detailed illustrations & the artists ability to convey industrial strength & sleek subtleness in pure line strokes.

Kofie's work explores the many possibilities of illustration & painting. Using mechanical like line-works, a heavy earth-tone pallet, & sure-handed organic fragmentary structures, Kofie creates a layered, architecturally inspired world outside of reality. Common elements such as Hands & Jeeps are incorporated into works to to represent a versatile hands-on approach. Circular forms stretch, expand & disparate elements exist in an obscurely perfect harmony on tilt. His foundation in the early 90s West Los Angeles Graffiti Arts Movement & a long standing fascination for Modern/Futurist forms set the self taught artists unique style into motion. Kofie's multifaceted synthesis of works present a contemporary aesthetic different from the more traditional foundations of the American graffiti arts movement.