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DPM X The North Face X Medicom Release

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DPM teamed up with The North Face Japan to produce a series of goods with their new camouflage pattern, Rocky Mountain. When look closely at the new pattern, you can actually see the scenic silhouette of the Rocky Mountain landscape, the inspiration behind it, as well as logos of both Maharishi and The North Face

The first to release with the new pattern was the McMurado Down Parka. The second release was on Jan. 20, featured a North Face T-shirt. The next on the line up will be the Makulu Down Jack, due out in March. To coincide with the release, Medicom launched special edition of "Henri" figures from their FABRICK series, with the same camouflage print on it. Unfortunately, these products are only available in Japan. Thanks to Hypebeast for the heads up.

DPM X The North Face McMurado Down Parka

DPM The North Face McMurado

DPM X Medicom FABRICK Figure



DPM X Medicom FABRICK Label

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