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Stereotype Be My Guest Staple Design 6 inch

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Big ups to Staple Design.

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> Staple Design

More pics and info below

Superdeux from France and Red Magic Style (Formerly IT Rangers) from Hong Kong have invited their global friends to work with them this Stereotype series. Impressive list of super-talened guests to collaborate with.

This figure was designed by Jeff Ng, the founder/CEO of Staple Design in New York, USA. Staple Design probably got a huge breakthrough after it was on a local newspaper for causing a mini riot over Staple X Nike Limited Edition Pigeon Dunk which was produced to only 150 pairs worldwide. Better grab this limited edition 6 inch figure before it is gone forever! If you happen to own a pair of Pigeon NYC Dunk kicks, then this figure is a wonderful figure to match with.




> Buy it at

> Staple Design