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New Era X Killer Bee 59Fifty

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Recently added to New Era’s 59FIFTY Limited Edition is a cap featuring the logo of Killer Bee, a Japanese kickboxing gym run by the famous mixed-martial arts champion, Norifumi Yamamoto, better known as the Yamamoto “Kid"...

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Virtually unknown in the U.S., Japan’s mixed-martial arts circuits, or MMAs, are no-holds-barred fighting events that have the best fighters facing off against one another. Similar to the U.S.-based Ultimate Fighting Championship, the full contact sport is so popular in Japan that there are now 2 leagues, PRIDE and K-1. Just in a few years, the Yamamoto “Kid” established himself as a champion among champions. He even won against the legendary Royler Gracie with a second round KO.

> Killer Bee Gym (Japanese Only)