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Freshness Feature: Hong Kong Shops

Written by kookies Photos by Dan H. Produced by Dan H. Recently, Freshnessmag got a chance to visit Hong Kong and their fine fashion boutiques. Hong Kong has a wide range of stores for all the fashion needs that you might have, and maybe that’s why Hong …
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Freshness Feature: Hong Kong Shops

Written by kookies

Photos by Dan H.

Produced by Dan H.

Recently, Freshnessmag got a chance to visit Hong Kong and their fine fashion boutiques. Hong Kong has a wide range of stores for all the fashion needs that you might have, and maybe that’s why Hong Kong is a great tourist attraction for shopping. With �A Bathing Ape (BAPE) �, �Undercover�, and other flagship stores opening in Hong Kong, here are some of the stores that you shouldn�t miss out on if you ever get a chance to visit Hong Kong. (e.g. Juice, Adidas Concept Store, etc) See below for our full feature of Hong Kong.


Room 3, 1/F United Success Commercial Centre, 506-508 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Freshness Feature: Hong Kong Shops

8Five2 is Hong Kong’s area code, and also one of the few skateboard stores in Hong Kong, 8Five2 provides skaters in Hong Kong with the exclusive clothing, footwear, and skating goods. Although the store wont be the biggest skate store, but its quality over quantity right? 8Five2 is one of the few places in Hong Kong that carries a large amount of Nike SBs, and also the exclusive distributor of Eric Haze�s brand. Also related to the store is the newly launched brand of Knowledge, many pictures of their clothing has been floating around the web, and even though I haven�t seen their stuff, I can tell that they have some quality clothing coming out.


Patterson St. 2/F A, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Freshness Feature: Hong Kong Shops - 2

Before I begin telling you about this store I must admit, JUICE has got to be the most exclusive store in Hong Kong. Not just because of the brands they carry, but also the many collabs they have done. JUICE is a project started by the infamous company CLOT. Their many collaborations include tee shirts by Neighborhood, A Bathing Ape (BAPE) (Bape), Nexus 7, Revolver, Fragment, and many others. Other large collaborations that has created a large demand for includes the �China Jacket� that was done in collaboration with A Bathing Ape (BAPE) , the Levis 505s with Levis and Fragment, as well as their most recent release of the Fragment x Clot t-shirts. Without a doubt, they must carry a lot of the most exclusive brands in Hong Kong as well. Silas, Devilock, Neighborhood, PAM, Nexus 7, Medicom, and many other exclusive brands that are just plainly hard to get could be found at JUICE . As one of the few Neighborhood distributors outside of Japan, and a store that carries many exclusives, JUICE often has extremely long lines for their products.The store has an extremely nice interior, with a simple design, it executes a clean effect to the store. With a simple layout, the store offers customers to browse their merchandise very easily. The selection of shoes is also very exclusive, from Nike SBs, to Quickstrikes that are generally hard to get in Hong Kong, to the Japanese exclusives; JUICE is one store to visit if you are a sneaker fiend. (Note: There are a lot of hidden gems there!) During a recent visit to the store I found a mixtape produced by the fine people at Juice/Clot with a feature by PAUL WALL! And mixed by Hong Kong�s finest Hip Hop DJ, DJ TOMMY, anyways I found that kind of interesting. So, mean while enjoy the pictures, and keep checking back!


Shop A-C, Green Field Mansion, 8 Kingston St., Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Shop 9, 2/F Silvercord, 30 Canton Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Freshness Feature: Hong Kong Shops - 3

Freshness Feature: Hong Kong Shops - 4

Dmop, some of us know it from the 35th anniversary Adidas Superstars that were released not too long ago. Some of us know it because we live or have visited Hong Kong, but for the people that live outside of Hong Kong this is the right place to be to know all about Dmop. Dmop is very diverse clothing store in Hong Kong, ranging from Hi-Fashion, to sports clothing, to urban streetwear. Dmop carries many different brands from different places across the world. For example, Dmop is one of the sole retailers of Y-3, Nike White Label, etc. etc. With a great interior design, the store is constructed of wood and normal construction materials, and they combine into a very unique store layout. Definitely check out the store from time to time, and if you are traveling from a different city/country, you should definitely visit it cause they just might be having a gallery or exhibition (like the Nike Laser Exhibition).With a diverse and numerous type of brands Dmop carries, I�m sure there is something in there for you. One more thing that I must add is that they always seem to have different ways of displaying an item, it could be a on a mannequin, small table, and sometimes in unimaginable ways that will blow your mind! Dmop has many stores around Hong Kong, but the one that is most recognizable is their main store in Causeway Bay, in an area where there�s many other stores to visit. If you don�t have time to visit the other ones, this is the one to visit.

I.T. w/ Double Park and Exit

6-10 Cleveland Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Freshness Feature: Hong Kong Shops - 5

This I.T. store is geared for the younger generation. Most of the brands in Double Park have their own small section. Brands include Finger Cross, Underground, XLARGE, Zoo York, Recon, Carhartt, Obey and many other brands that are sold at other I.T. owned stores. They feature a large section for the women as well, with brands including Mickey Mouse, and many other women�s I.T. brands. The store is quite large, with plenty of space for each of the booths that were specially created for the brands. A special feature of this I.T. is that there is an �Exit� by Double Park which features many other special brands that were once only sold at the TST store, is now available in the Causeway Bay area. Featuring Brands include FL, MadFoot, and many other Japanese brands. Definitely worth a visit if you are around the neighborhood looking at other stores.

EXIT by double park

Address: Basement, No. 73 Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Freshness Feature: Hong Kong Shops - 6

One thing I must say is that pictures do not do this store justice. EXIT is a sub branch off of Double-Park, which is a store in Hong Kong that sells many American and Japanese urban brands. However EXIT focuses on the more exclusive brands like FUTURA Labratories, Recon, Underground, Mad Foot, as well as many Quickstrike Nike footwear. Although the store has a very small entrance, it leads underground to a much larger store space. The vibe that this store gives off is very different. The store lighting is mainly focused on the clothing and not much of the empty space, this effect forces the shoppers to focus on the merchandise, and honestly it is a very good effect. Due to the fact that Double Park is the sole retailer for many brands for from Japan/US, their store is a must visit for many Hong Kong shoppers, and this is another one of the �must go tos�. My reason being, not that they have a selection of good clothing, but the store interior and art is very well executed.

Silvercord i.t BEAMS T

Shop 27, 2/F, Silvercord, 30 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Freshness Feature: Hong Kong Shops - 7

If you are one that is interested in Japanese brands, Silvercord in one of Hong Kong�s busiest districts TST is a mall that you shouldn�t miss. With I.T. owning many stores in this one mall, they definitely have done an extremely good job with the few stores that are in there. There�s BEAMS T, I.T., X-LARGE, Montage, A.P.C., Freshjive and many others. These are not all located in one store, they are in separate stores! With great designs with the stores, these few spots are great just to visit. For example, the X-large store features a sliding door that slides open in two different directions, and the Montage store is very much like the one in Tokyo, they truly bring the essence of each brand into the store. A recent addition is the BEAMS T, which is a very popular brand in Japan as well as Hong Kong, the store interior is very much like the ones that are spread around Japan, and again I.T. brings in a popular and amazing brand from Japan. Even though, I.T. being a large clothing company in Hong Kong, they have many stores around Hong Kong, but one that I enjoy walking in the most is the one in Silvercord. Designed to be a circular store, it forces a customer to walk around the whole store, which is great because it allows the customer to look at most of their products. All in all, I.T. has done a great job with what they have done in Silvercord, and as mentioned before, this is another �must go to� in Hong Kong.

(Special thanks to MASTERMIND)