Freshness Feature: Trust Nobody


An Interview by Thomas Bradley

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Trust Nobody

Carrer Tallers, 1

(Almost in the corner with Las Ramblas)

Barcelona, Spain


The name. Lets hear how and why?

The name was suggested by someone involved with the project cause with the years you realize that every time it gets more and more difficult to trust the people around you. Because we dont like to grow up and look around with distrust but this seems to be the best way to avoid sadness. We like the philosophy and the sense of humor within that name: Trust Nobody.

Who is running this place and how many years skating is inside their elbows, wrists, ankles, and souls?

More than 10 years skating. 2 destroyed ankles. Lots of fun, and still counting. The place has been founded by three individuals who understand the need of a certain appeal in a shop focused on their passions: Shoes, skateboards, toys, and cool clothes. Tired of seeing shops only focused on a certain side of the lifestyle, they open TNB to offer something different and to have in the same space everything people like.

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Describe the skate scene in Barcelona.

The skate scene in Barcelona is good. There are quite good locals skating here, but it is one of the most European underrated skate scenes. European sponsors dont really pay attention to local skaters, they just care about French, German or English skaters skating in Barcelona, not about its locals, and thats wrong. Barcelona-Sants spot has the OGs from Barcelona. Macba has the visitors, and you have lots of spots around the city. Its all good.

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The idea of offering 360 degree service for the skaters is something very new in that market. What inspired the TNB crew to carry quality skate and, in an innovative moment, AFTER-Skate products? (MEDICOM TOYs)

Its clear for us that people want newer and exciting places to shop into. One of the founders, skater himself, has been buying skate stuff in one place and toys, or certain type of clothes in another one. Just like him, more people do the same Why? Thats why we wanted to create a shop where skaters or non skaters with likes in toys, sneakers, books and everything kind of fresh can find what they like.

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What are the influences driving the shops design?

We had the help of Magwick people in Germany (the same people involved with the Untitled events in the Bread & Butter) but Carlos (one of our partners) put the final touch in everything. We love the concept of cleaning and simplicity in some shops as UNDFTD, Footpatrol, Bape, Corso Como or Slam Jam in Milan. We wanted a shop with good light, where the boars and the sneakers were the real thing.

What is the intended experience for the TRUST NOBODY shopper?

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For us the client has to be satisfied, thats why our people in the shop are skaters, hard sneaker collectors and limited edition geezers. We hope to give good advice to our friends and to offer them the best. We dont like to sell shit, we like to think that we are selling the real deal!!

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How does TNB intend on reaching out to the Barcelona scene as far as demos and exhibitions? Will you put together a team?!

Right now we are not planning any type of exhibition or demos with a shop team. In the near future we might sponsor some of the locals riders.

Whats TRUST NOBODYs goals for '06?

Exhibitions (the first one with Gabriel Urist), chocolate (a lot of things going on) and a few surprises

What should skaters and sneaker heads be looking through TNBs keyhole for in the future?

Innovation. Good brands. Trust Nobody skateboard goods with some innovative designs. Youll see

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