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JOGA BONITO Term Two / Part 1 @ SOPHNET.

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Last month, Freshness brought you pictures of the SOPHNET. x Nike Japan JOGA BONITO exhibit: BRASIL 5 STAR inside SOPH gallery in Tokyo. This month, Freshness is bring you the second installment of this exhibition, JOGA BONITO: Grass Roots, which was held on Feb. 15th. The Term Two exhibition will be in 2 parts. They also prepared a JOGA BONITO exclusive NIKE ID booth at SOPHNET. Enjoy....

3-34-10 2F
Jinguemae, Shibuya
Tokyo, Japan
TEL #: 03-5775-2518

Hours: Noon - 8pm

> JOGA BONITO Term Two / Part 1 @ SOPHNET.