VANS X Milkcrate X Lucien Pellat Finet



The newest collaboration between VANS, Aaron La Crate of Milkcrate, and Lucien Pellat Finet.


"The Aaron LaCrate X Milkcrate X VANS X Lucien Pellat-finet shoe is the real deal, a collaboration that crosses genres, generations and encompasses 3 of the most credible and authentic brands from the past decade.

Aaron LaCrate who represents all things street, music, and fashion is on the fore front of shaping sounds and fashions on a worldwide level, be it his recent Bmore Gutter Music movement or his European tour that is currently infesting Baltimore to Tel Aviv, with stops in Tokyo, NYC, London and Paris in between. Since 1997 Aaron LaCrate and Milkcrate Athletics have been constant innovators in all things hype and this ultra limited VANS shoe is a prime example of Aaron's next level aesthetic bridging street, skate, and couture cultures.

VANS recognized Aaron LaCrate's unique position as a trend setting taste maker, and highly regarded his previous collaborations with Lucien Pellat-finet along side designer Murakami. Aaron's boldly iconic Nyc pop art old school graffiti inspired designs for Lucien Pellat-finet cashmere sweaters attracted an entirely new generation of customers to both designers. Shop buyers from Barneys to Harrods could not keep the LaCrate X Lucien cashmere sweaters on the floor, and the pieces are now a featured staple in the collection.

This has been the 3rd installment in Aaron LaCrate's and Lucien Pellat-finet's long running collaboration, the pair were brought together by super style icon sarah from colette fame. Sarah was housing an exhibition currated by Milkcrate, entitled "wrecking the box" which featured custom hand painted Milkcrate Athletics steel record boxes, painted by futura, stash, bode, kostas, lacrate and others. Lucien was intrigued by Aaron's concept of mixing music, art, and fashion into a 3-D canvas. He was especially drawn to the LaCrate design, and asked sarah for a proper introduction. Aaron was holding down the reception party @ colette behind the turntables when Lucien commissioned him to paint the front of his Paris showroom. 3 months later Aaron was back in Paris painting the gigantic steel showroom. This design later became the first of the cashmere sweater series between Aaron and Lucien retailing for $2,000 US in the finest stores worldwide, high end gutter.

This unlikely creative alliance between Lucien and LaCrate has been compared to a Warhol and Basquait friendship, and quickly caught the attention of the head honchos @ VANS, who quickly brought LaCrate on as a consultant to begin designing and merchandising the Lucien Pellat-finet x VANS collaboration shoes.

So when you see the Milkcrate X Aaron LaCrate X Lucien Pellat-finet X VANS shoes in collete, Harrods, Barneys or the Lucien flagship stores of Paris, Nyc, or Tokyo remember that this collab is the crashing of 2 dimensions, and worlds the total mash of street cred meets hi - end luxury.. belledat, o merde!!"