Trexi @ Toy Qube


A few weeks ago, Freshness was able to check out the festivity at Toy Qube for the Trexi live signing event. More than 200 people packed the space, with hard core fans and curious onlookers lined up in the hall outside. Over 60 Trexi were on display. In addition, 7 artists: Joe Ledbetter, Eric Orr, BLU, Voltaire, Andrew Bell, MERTZALINI, and FILTH were on hand to put the finishing touch on blank Trexi. A few surprise guests dropped by the event as well, including Jakun of 360 Toy Group and his daughter Layla, Tristan Eaton, and German-based graf. artist Mator. Many thanks to Keith and the crew at Toy Qube.

Artist Eric Orr taking a break

Trexi @ Toy Qube - 1

Trexi on display

Trexi @ Toy Qube - 2

Winson (Brothersfree)

Trexi @ Toy Qube - 3

Akira Wakui

> More photos at The Freshness Gallery

Trexi @ Toy Qube - 4