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Maschinen Krieger @ Compound

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Just Be / Compound Gallery and UNKL Brand presents:
Maschinen Krieger: The Art of Kow Yokoyama

For over 2 decades Kow Yokoyama has been creating the universe of Maschinen Krieger. With a cultish following of model builders and sci-fi enthusiasts Kow Yokoyama's work has in recent years emerged into the mainstream and with companies like KUBRICK collaborating with Kow Yokoyama his popularity has been ratified. This will be his first visit to the United States. The show will consist of original drawings and digital paintings as well as an exhibition of models lent to Compound Gallery by devoted collectors and model builders.

Just Be/Compound Gallery
107 NW 5th Ave, Portland OR

Event Date: May 4th - May 31st

Opening Reception: May 4th | 7:30pm

Signing and Party: May 5th | 8pm

Full flyer below:

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