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CLOT x Nike AM1 NL Premium - 'Kiss of Death'

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[Freshness Gallery: CLOT x Nike AM1 NL Premium - 'Kiss of Death']

In collaboration with youth culture promoter unit Clot and Hong Kong sub-culture icon MC Yan, Nike has created the Air Max 1 NL Premium. The first footwear project developed out of Hong Kong, Air Max 1 NL Premium pays homage to Chinese culture, the spirit of modern Hong Kong and the Air Max evolution.

Two years in the making, Nike Air Max 1 NL Premium is a prime example of East meeting West, perfectly resonating with the spirit of its birthplace - Hong Kong. The design concept centres around the infusion of time-honoured Chinese medicinal theory with cutting-edge western sports technology. Chinese medicine views life as �Chi�: a spiritual energy that IS everything and embraces everything in the universe. Chi travels through the body along 12 meridians and interacts with the earth through the foot, and pressure points along the meridians both affect and reflect its flow. Inspired by the Chinese theory of the body and its connection with the universe, Air Max 1 NL Premium portrays meridian maps and pressure point diagrams that, in effect, define the true essence of a person.

[Freshness Gallery: CLOT x Nike AM1 NL Premium - 'Kiss of Death']

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Crafted from suede in earth tones, the first striking feature of the shoe is its transparent vamp � making certain that the importance of the feet will no longer be overshadowed. Orange accents kick up the energy, while ostrich skin and snake skin complete the details. Within the shoe, the sockliners reveal the meridian map of the lower limb, ending at the pressure point Yongquan. The precise position of Yongquan � one of the most important pressure points of the body, connecting the person to the earth � is marked on a diagram of the foot, under the transparent outsole at the bottom of the shoe. Subtle green lines inspired by Chinese calligraphy paper run across the body of the shoe. The same tribute to ancient graffiti is carried through by the chop at the heel, depicting long braids that are the personal trademark of MC Yan.

[Freshness Gallery: CLOT x Nike AM1 NL Premium - 'Kiss of Death']

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A box designed to hold ancient medical texts now houses the shoe. Its authority is further felt by a Chinese seal stamped on the cover: spelling out the name Hong Kong in modern graffiti, and a last word on the spirit of the territory.

[Freshness Gallery: CLOT x Nike AM1 NL Premium - 'Kiss of Death']

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The first shoe that revealed the mysterious Air to the world, Air Max 1 kicked off a line of legendary footwear. With the airbag now exposed for the first time for the world to see, it�s a strong visual statement that backed up the world�s foremost cushioning technology � magnified shock absorption powers that not only meant improved performance, but also translated to the most comfortable running experience in history. What Nike termed �Visible Air� revolutionized sporting performance, and
continued to evolve over time until culminating in this year�s Air Max 360. With absolutely no foam in its construction, Air Max 360 features 360 degrees of Nike Air cushioning, providing the smoothest, most durable ride ever. Choosing the Air Max 1 - the instigator of a revolution that forever changed sports - as the first Hong Kong footwear design project is therefore especially meaningful.

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Founded in 2003 by Edison Chen, Kevin Poon and Billy Ip, Clot Company Limited is an urban lifestyle business perfectly designed to provide young people with fresh ideas and to encourage individuals to develop their own understanding of identity and style. Clot is currently involved in clothing, music, toy and club culture projects aimed at introducing a distinctive urban lifestyle to Hong Kong and the rest of Asia.

[Freshness Gallery: CLOT x Nike AM1 NL Premium - 'Kiss of Death']
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After studying Fine Arts in France, MC Yan made his name as one of the key figures of LMF � arguably the best hip-hop collective that Hong Kong has ever produced � offering critical and controversial social observations through biting lyrics. An internationally respected graffiti artist, MC Yan is also a strong proponent of local street culture. He is heavily involved with local universities, conducting thoughtprovoking seminars and projects on local pop and sub-culture.

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Nike Air Max 1 NL Premium will available world-wide in June. Hong Kong will be pre-launched at Juice only on May 13 with a exclusive shoebox, priced at HKD1,299.

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