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Converse x Giles Deacon - Mudcloth Chucks for (RED)


Converse x Giles Deacon - Mudcloth Chucks for (RED) - 0

Converse is putting out a Chuck Taylor All Star mudcloth shoe designed by Giles Deacon to benefit (RED). They will be available April/Early May 2006 in mudcloth options at select stores in the United Kingdom and on

Converse will launch its first global product to support (PRODUCT) RED by launching an exclusive limited edition Chuck Taylor All Star African Mudcloth shoe. Designed in collaboration with acclaimed UK designer Giles Deacon and with only 600 pairs available worldwide the Converse (RED) Mudcloth shoe is set to be this seasons most collectable fashion item.

Converse, in collaboration with Giles Deacon, has designed this unique shoe using authentic African mudcloth as the canvas with contrasting vibrant color options such as neon orange, neon yellow or neon pink details. Blending traditional production methods with modern designs has allowed Deacon to put his sophisticated chic interpretation on the iconic Chuck Taylor All Star shoe.

African mudcloth utilises the technique of Bologanfini, a centuries old process of mud dyed cloth of the Bamana people made by hand-weaving and dyeing the cloth with exotic plant juices, teas and mud. The traditional process creates well-known geometric patterns and colours, which tell stories, reveal secrets and establish social status. Each Converse (RED) Mudcloth shoe is a unique work of art designed to combine fashion and social mindfulness to celebrate and cherish African culture and creativity.

This is the first in a series of exclusively designed shoes. Every season, Converse will collaborate with designers, artists, musicians and filmmakers to create limited edition Converse (RED) shoes on a unique canvas that preserve culture and celebrate inspiration. Depending on the product sold, anywhere from 5% - 15% of net sales from Converse (RED) shoes goes directly to the Global Fund.

The Converse (RED) Chuck Taylor All Star African Mudcloth shoe is on sale in the UK at Selfridges and specialty stores including Offspring and Concept Store at 160.00. 10% of net wholesale sales from the sale of this designer collaboration shoe goes directly to the Global Fund.

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