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Freshness Feature: Brooklyn Circus

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Freshness Feature: Brooklyn Circus - 0

Brooklyn Circus
258 Bergen Street
Bet. Nevins and 3rd ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11217
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Explain the origins of the title, "The Brooklyn Circus" and who is on the team.

I've been inspired by the Circus my entire life and the older I get the more I want to explore the circus and how it functions. I've always been fascinated at the different elements that creates one show under the tent. My team right now consist of Al the Dancer who I promoted Hip hop parties with for years,Japanese Dj Kohey who I met at a sneaker release event, Gabe the West Coast Fashionista we had a class together at FIT,Vanessa the Intern and Bevon the Young Me is family. I am blessed to be around these talented folks who are ready to put on a show for the world, based out of brooklyn.

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Given the opportunity - as granted by Freshness!- how would you categorize and define the community The Bk Circus lives, plays, and works within?

Do you mean at the store itself or The culture as a whole.? The store:
Not taking things too serious, respect the opportunities and wild out whenever we get a chance to. Plenty of jokes!!!! The culture: It's growing so rapidly. Years from now,kids will read about this movement in art schools and sociology classes across the world. I am pumped about contributing to that in as many ways as possible.

What type of customer enters The Circus and is he or she reflective of the T.B.C. team regarding tastes, mannerisms, dress, modes of speech/thought etc. ?

The Brooklyn circus customer is a mix of folks. The customers are still trying to grasp the idea of what we want to do in brooklyn. But they trust us and most of all each other. When one cat beleives in what we do, he spreads it to the rest of the crew. The best customers are the ones that get in or want to get it.

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What does the T.B.C. read, watch, listen to that informs its overall perception of its branding and its relation to the community?

I tell my crew that it's mandatory that they read DNR, GQ, Complex, Niketalk, freshness, hypebeast, highsnobiety, the hundreds, slam-hype, browse and see what's going on out there. Not only will they enjoy the wealth of information, but they'll also be able to educate the customer and just chat with them. As for music,we listen to the best of Prince, Dj Kohey,Fabolous,John Mayer, Gregory Isaacs,Beres Hammond,Jimmy Cozier,TI,Jay Z- A mix of ish!.

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What products, brands, companies, and/or people do T.B.C. find inspiring?

inspiring, Y3, Gucci,Levis, Louis Vuitton, Each other, Circus costumes,military uniforms, The Rich Yung Society,Ralph Lauren for sure,Thomas Pink,Swiss Army, Nom de guerre,Doze Green all day.

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Describe the strength of the "street couture" movement and how T.B.C. contributes to this dynamic idea.

Freedom is the strength of this movement. Folks are free to do whatever.
The Brooklyn Circus is holding down Brooklyn,we rep Brooklyn to the fullest in this. The scene is heavily influenced by the Brooklyn SWAGGER, we hope to keep that influence alive!

What propels the T.B.C. lifestyle?

Our drive to be independent, do what we want, when we want to and living and loving what we do. We also love the customers, they keep us going, with the expectations they have of us.

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Who designs the products that have come out under The Brooklyn Circus name?

I am the graphic designer on all the projects. However, I totally seek the creative guidance of everyone that rocks with The Brooklyn Circus. I am the sole owner of the 258 Bergen st. lease but the Brooklyn Circus vision is owned by everyone that comes through those doors everyday. Whether it is to chill, shop,share ideas or just smell the clothes and the fresh kicks. Side bar: We are currently looking for talented Graphic and fashion designers to Join The Brooklyn Circus creative team".

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Are there any true ICONS in such a young, albeit rapidly growing, community such as street couture?

Icons? nahhh. Hard working folks who believe in the movement, certainly. I respect what all these dudes and women have done for the culture. From the guys/chics who camp out for kicks, to those who pay $300 for a Rich Yung hoody, to the folks who kicked off the small biz-big biz marriage/collabo's and openned the minds of the 800 lbs corporate gorillas.

How do you plan to grow over the years?

(Concerning physical size, focus, style, etc.) Oh my boy Gabe is from the bay Area and we are planning on openning up a spot in SF for sure. I have folks I trust in Japan, Miami and Chicago so those spots are on my radar as well.

What's good with The Brooklyn Circus for Spring-Summer '06?

Spring is already here so the next thing for spring is our Easter hunt " Bk Made Fresh Hoody and Tees. Like the All Star hoody it's going to be fun and a Must Have for sure. As for summer, we are planning to drop some dope, refreshing tees.

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What's the Brooklyn Circus' mantra?

(If you don't already have one, you can come up with one right now ! Ahem, or not.) Run away And Join The Brooklyn Circus . . .