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SHOOTO THE Devilock - 0

"Shooto", better known as mix martial art fighting, is a crucial part of Japanese sport and lifestyle since the mid 90's. The sport is taking on a new role as its popularity gain, making it an ideal aggregate for new street fashion ideas.

Aside From his interest in arts and fashion. Noriaki Endo, the founder of Devilock, also hosted a series mix martial art (MMA) event, called SHOOTO THE Devilock, with the help of Japanese fighting organization, Professional Shooto.

This year's event was held on May 12th, at Korakuen Hall, also known as the "Mecca oF Fighting" of Japan. It was a special event as well, since it marked the 10th anniversary of Devilock.

Noriaki Endo - Founder of Devilock

SHOOTO THE Devilock - 1

The event paid homage to the establishment of Shooto, gathering a mix of up-and-coming fighters and seasoned veterans. As in everything Devilock does, this and past events reinvented the image of MMA circuit. Its ground breaking concept of incorporation of elements from fashion, music, and MMA has many take notice.

Fighters enter the ring

SHOOTO THE Devilock - 2


62kg weight match - 2 rounds -
Takeya Mizugaki (Shooting Gym Hakei) vs. Takamaro Watari (Paraestra)
Takeya Mizugaki won by TKO (1R 3min.49sec/Pounding)

66kg weight match - 3 rounds -
Hiroyuki Abe (AACC) vs. David Padilla (Jesus is Lord USA)
Hiroyuki Abe won by Submission (1R 3min.15sec./Armbar)

67kg weight match - 3 rounds -
Tenkei Fujimiya (Shooting Gym Yokohama) vs. X Akitoshi Tamura (Kakutougi Dojo)
Tenkei Fujimiya won by KO(1R 2min.10sec./Right Hook)

Welter weight match - 3 rounds -
Mizuto Hirota (Gutsman Shooto Dojo) vs. Jin Kazeta (Philoktetes)
Mizuto Hirota won by Decision (3-0)

78kg weight match - 2 rounds -
Kenji Kawaguchi (Shooting Gym Yokohama) vs. Deividas Petrauskas (Lithuania)
Kenji Kawaguchi won by TKO (1R 2min.5sec/Pounding)

Exhibition match
Hayato "Mach" Sakurai (Mach Dojo) vs. Rumina Sato (Roots)

Bantum weight match - 3 rounds -
Mamoru (Shooting Gym Yokohama) vs. Setsu Iguchi (Team Bad Ass 13)
Mamoru won by TKO(1R 2min.45sec./Doctor Stop)

World Light Weight Shooto Championship match - 3 rounds -
Takeshi "Leon" Inoue (Shooting Gym Yokohama) vs. Antonio Carvalho (Shah Franco Gym Canada)
Takeshi "Leon" Inoue won by TKO(1R 3min.6sec/Pounding)

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