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Portrait of a Sneaker by Sidney Lo

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Portrait of a Sneaker by Sidney Lo - 0

Intrigued by the allure of sneaker culture, Portrait of a Sneaker is a photographic documentary by Sidney Lo, a 19 year old photographer originally from San Francisco, California. Fascinated by the medium of the Internet and the exclusivity within this consumer culture, he spent the past three months getting to know the ins and outs of the various New York hotspots, and while doing so, befriending a handful of well-known names in this business.

Featuring people and places such as DQM, Gabriel Urist, Rob Heppler, and Lori Lobenstine, Sidney mixes his own personal style of photography with the rising popularity of this particular facet in urban fashion to create a better look at what is going on today with sneakers and the industry, as well as a better gauge and what to look forward to for the future of this growing community.

Thanks to Rob and DQM for the heads-up!

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