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Freshness Feature: Weekly Drop

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Interview by Thomas Bradley

Photos by Josh Falk / Project SF

Produced by Liquidrice

Freshness Feature: Weekly Drop

Senior Editor Thomas Bradley recently caught up with the Weekly Drop crew and turned the mic on them with questions on interviews, audio equipment, and the interesting folk WD interviews.

> Weekly Drop Podcast

We want names! Who was behind The Weekly Drop concerning its use of the audio based interview concept as opposed to the text format we are doing now?


Jeff and I. Jeff came to me and was like... "Lets do this podcast".. And I was like.. "what the fuck is a podcast?" I think Jeff would rather do audio.. because his fingers are too fat to type.


Both Rob and I have written our fair share of stories about sneaker culture in the past years. The difficulty for me was I preferred the op-ed writing on actual product. Problem is no one wanted those stories.

During this time, I found myself having these long drawn out conversations with Rob about sneakers, the culture, fish tanks, you name it. He had me on the phone for hours. As insane, offtopic, and reckless as Rob is, he tends to have insight that I miss. His perspective is very different than my own.

When podcasting started to blow up (and trust me we have a long way to go), I figured, lets put these conversation on tape and see if anyone else gives a shit about having a discussion Humbling enough, it seems like some people do or our bandwidth bills wouldnt be so hight.


Why do you think the audio interview is so appealing?


I think it's the people involved, honestly.. Who even listens to Jeff on his own...and who can listen to me without feeling sorry for the state of their generation, or hiding their children. But together is a delicious mix of good cop bad Albanian.


The appeal has to be the freeform nature of the show. I think we're asking our guests questions that no one has asked or dared to ask them before. Its a straight up conversation between 3 people. You tend to get a much deeper response to questions. You definitely find out much more about a person actually hearing them talk.

Take Staple for example. When he commented on NIKEiD, he actually posed the question first to us fist wanting to know what we thought. It became very apparent immediately that he wanted to speak on it so we gave him the forum. They're not time limit or print restraints with audio. Thats the main appeal for me.

Doing an audio show/podcast allows us freedoms that print would never give us. We have no word limits, we have no editor saying yes and no (outside of ourselves of course), we can talk as freely as we want and no one is policing us.

Freshness Feature: Weekly Drop


When you decided to follow through and actually make The Weekly Drop a reality, were you at all nervous as to how the show would be received?


I was drunk at the time... But since it was just a recorded version of what we talked about anyway we had nothing to lose... Well, nothing, if you don't include the $75,000 loan Jeff took out to buy the studio equipment!


He's right. We were drunk during that first show. Editing that show was as bad as trying to edit episode 11!

I was definitely curious after we posted episode 1 to how it would go off. I was concerned about the semi serious aspect of the show. Were people ready for this back and forth banter?

Sometimes the whole scene just seems a little serious about itself, us included. So bringing a bit of an obnoxious and humorous tone could have been taken either way. I'm personally thankful that people can handle it.


What makes an interviewee good or bad from the Weekly Drop perspective?


I really like when they born some science on me.. Or if we can break a secrete.. Just like freshness.. Yall strive to be current and post pics and news no one has seen before.... I like when we get Lori from to say "fuck me in the ass"! Or I think our podcast currently holds the record for saying ladyboy..... if you neglect the ladyboy podcast... .com.....


I have no idea what the fuck Rob is talking... this is what I deal with daily.

What makes an interview bad is when a guest is unsure of how freely they can talk in front of a mic. What makes it good is when guest forgets that the mic is there and it stops becoming a limiting factor.

Once the subject gets to that point, we really get into the soul of the people we're interviewing.

Freshness Feature: Weekly Drop - 2


Who does WD want to interrogate next in street-couture culture that most heads aren't really up on?


I actually told jeff today.. we need to interview John Malkovich, I recently found out he designs clothes... and i want to start the interview off with.. "whats it like Being.. ahhh.. you!"


I've got a list of people that I want on (Hey A-Ron, respond to our mail please!). As for fresh new faces, I dont think anyone's actually interviewed enough people doing creative so we're always trying to get those types on the show.

Noel Gallagher is supposedly a huge Adi head.

I think its time to start getting the kids buying all this shit on as well sometime. Time to ask them why they keep buying 60 dollar tees. We'll see....


Is making the show as fun as it sounds?


It would be alot more fun if Jeff brushed his teeth, and did not edit my horrible verbal rants. Yes its great being able to talk to people we admire.


Want to hear the outtakes?

I'd be lying if I said it was easy to produce a Wd show. It is not! Each show takes hours of editing to get it right. But I dont mind it a bit. I love doing the show. I love editing a show and laughing at shit while asking "Should I leave this nonsense in???"

I hate staying up until 3a to make sure I make our Tues deadline for each show drop, but if I dont, we'll get shit from the listeners. We have to give props to the Weeklydrop fans!

Freshness Feature: Weekly Drop - 3


Out of the interviews WD has put out so far, who has left a lasting impression on WD with a really insightful quote or idea that's resonance you've wondered about long after hearing it?


Hmmmm... Woody was like talking to a sneaker buddha.. or a sneaker yoda... like a Jedi of sneakers... I couldn't even fuck with him on his level... (Woody show coming soon). Of course Lupe Fiasco was an excellent guest, Bobby Hundreds Scotty Ill.... Jeff Staple was intimidateing, but worked out well.....


The Scotty Ill rants that didnt make it onto the air for sure (looking back we should have used it during the Hundreds episode).

Nick Jackson talking about being on a subway train with 12 Bape hoodies or 12 AF1's definitely got an important point across.

Staple and White talking about the Japan scene brought insight I didn't have.

I think all and all, every guest has provided insight...

Freshness Feature: Weekly Drop - 4


Where will the WD be in the next six months and when will be seeing the limited edition, collaborative, exclusive, Weekly Drop t-shirts?

Did you say weeklydrop spinning belt buckles? Weeklydrop strawberry chapstick.. oh oh weekly drop calanders that let you know when Sunday comes every week! I found a baby turtle today, it looks like a young Raplh Machio.

We have a good deal planned including some new shows, using some new media to present the show... does anyone actually want a Weeklydrop t-shirt????

Big thanks for the interview. Big shout out to all the listeners....

> Down the lastest Weekly Drop Podcast

Freshness Feature: Weekly Drop - 5

Photos: Josh Falk/ Project SF