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World Cup - Add Ons / Plug Ins / Widgets

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World Cup - Add Ons / Plug Ins / Widgets - 0

Wild about the World Cup, but can't be in front of the TV because other obligations? Freshness compiled a list of add-ons, plug-ins, and widgets so you can check the progress of your favorite teams, in real time, from your computer.

+ If you, like many of us, use Firefox browser. Download the add-on FootieFox, which will list match schedules, scores, and standings when you have your Firefox open.

+ For Microsoft Windows users, there is an official plug-in from Microsoft, the Soccer Scoreboard. There is no need to open a browser for usage. It will generate the scores in RSS format also.

+ Last but not least, Apple users can install a number of widgets, including the FIFA World Cup Schedule. Unlike others, this is the only one that doesn't have live updates of scores and standings.

> FootieFox (Firefox Users)

> Microsoft Soccer Scoreboard (Microsoft Windows Users)

> FIFA World Cup Schedule (Apple Users)